Crash Site: a Family in Danger (2011) Charisma Carpenter, Sebastian Spence, Katie Findlay, Steven Grayhm Movie Review

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Charisma Carpenter in Crash Site: a Family in Danger (2011)

The Wolf Hack

Things are not going well for Daniel Sanders (Sebastian Spence - NYC: Tornado Terror), his computer security company has just been hacked and it has lead to another argument with his wife, Rita (Charisma Carpenter - Deadly Sibling Rivalry), as he missed his daughter's graduation party. To make up for it he agrees to a four day trip to a remote lodge with his wife, daughter Frances (Katie Findlay) and her computer expert boyfriend Matthew (Steven Grayhm), oh and no cell phones or laptops. But things go wrong when Daniel and Rita are heading for a night alone and the brakes fail on their jeep, leaving them stranded in the wilderness with a bunch of wolves on their trail

Technically "Crash Site: a Family in Danger" falls into the horror genre as we have this couple ending up crashing their jeep in the wilderness when the brakes fail and they have to survive what nature can throw at them, including wolves. But in many ways "Crash Site" reminds me more of one of those made for TV survival movies about a couple with issues who end up stuck in the wilderness for what ever reason and whilst they spend plenty of time bickering they of course also spend time bonding and realising how much they still love each other.

Sebastian Spence in Crash Site: a Family in Danger (2011)

It actually makes "Crash Site: a Family in Danger" a strange cross breed of a movie as it means whilst we have some horror and danger we also get comedy, plenty of eye rolling from Charisma Carpenter and comical patience from Sebastian Spence. But on top of this we also have some company espionage going on with an early scene showing Daniel frantically pulling wires out of servers when he realises his system is being hacked, a scene which is as bad as it sounds. And trust me when you put two and two together all becomes very clear as to what is going on and why their brakes didn't work.

But do you know what? For all which is bad about "Crash Site: a Family in Danger" it is kind of enjoyable in a cheesy, mixed up sort of way. The combination of being predictable and tacky makes you smile whilst the occasional moment of danger makes you sit up and pay attention although you never truly expect to find any of it actually scary. In fact the scariest thing for me was one of the outfits which Charisma Carpenter was wearing early on in the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Crash Site: a Family in Danger" isn't going to be to everyone's tastes especially those who watched in the hope of some real survival horror stuff. But for those who enjoy cheesy movies which try to combine danger with humour in an easy going manner might find "Crash Site: a Family in Danger" strangely enjoyable.