Crossfire (2016) (aka: Killer Obsession) Roxanne McKee, Steve Lund, Tim Rozon, Stacey Farber, Mark Walker, Jonathan Koensgen Movie Review

Crossfire (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Roxanne McKee in Crossfire (2016) (aka: Killer Obsession)

Coming Under Fire

Having served in the National Guard in Iraq, Samantha Harrison (Roxanne McKee - The Legend of Hercules) returned home to a hero's welcome. But for Samantha what she experienced in Iraq has deeply affected her as she is suffering from PTSD and the smallest of things can cause traumatic flashbacks. But that is not the worst of her troubles as she is accused of being involved in a friendly fire incident which killed two American soldiers. And whilst she can't recall what happened the night of the incident she finds herself being stalked by Graydon (Tim Rozon), another soldier seeking revenge for the deaths. But on top of this it seems someone is also targeting her friends as they are being killed one by one.

First things first, I came across three short reviews of "Crossfire", which also goes by the name "Killer Obsession", and each of those reviews obsessed about how the military uniforms were wrong. Whilst I am no expert on the way military uniforms should be worn what I will say is; if that sort of detail is important to your enjoyment of a movie when it isn't pivotal to the storyline then maybe you should give "Crossfire" a miss. And I am sure it is not just the authenticity of the uniforms which is wrong in this made for TV movie as I am sure police procedure gets thrown to the wayside as well.

Steve Lund in Crossfire (2016) (aka: Killer Obsession)

Now "Crossfire" has many plus points starting with Claude Desrosiers solid and at times stylish directing, not that the directing is anything out of the ordinary but he gets the balance right. As such the use of close ups and slow motion combined with almost ethereal music gives the movie the style which makes it work without over powering story. On top of that Desrosiers does a nice job of the flashback scenes of combat, clearly made on limited funds but delivering the important story detail.

Anyway "Crossfire" is of course a made for TV movie and like so many of these movies has a storyline which comes down to a woman accused of a crime and trying to prove her innocence whilst we question the nice guy in her life, a soldier with political ambitions. But the USP of "Crossfire" is not so much that we have soldiers but that Samantha can't remember what happened on the night in question and so not only doesn't trust her own memory but doesn't know who she can trust when it came to the deaths of her colleagues. Truth be told it is all pretty familiar but in this case it works and Roxanne McKee does a nice job of delivering the fear aspect which comes with the flashbacks she keeps on suffering

What this all boils down to is that "Crossfire" whilst a familiar themed movie with a woman trying to remember what happened to prove her innocence it is nicely put together to make it entertaining for those who enjoy made for TV movies and who don't obsess over details.