Dad's Home (2010) (aka: Love Will Keep Us Together) David James Elliott, Sharon Case, Madison Davenport, Will Shadley Movie Review

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David James Elliott in Dad's Home (2010) (aka: Love Will Keep Us Together)

David James Elliott has some Dad Issues

Advertising exec and widowed dad, Ben Westman (David James Elliott) finds himself being let go from the job he has had for twenty years. Whilst it is the last thing he wants it does mean that he will be able to spend more time with his children Lindsay (Madison Davenport) and Dylan (Will Shadley). He soon finds out how hard it is being a stay at home dad as he struggles with cooking, cleaning, shopping as well as various parenting issues. But being a full time parent also brings other benefits especially when he gets to meet Hope Jensen (Sharon Case), Dylan's pretty teacher.

Let me ask you a question, what sort of mood are you in? It's an important question when it comes to "Dad's Home", other wise known as "Love Will Keep Us Together", because if you are not in a good mood you're not going to enjoy this Hallmar movie. You see "Dad's Home" is fluff, it is the grown up equivalent of a cheesy teen romantic fairytale as it doesn't deliver anything new or anything approaching depth. And as such if you're not in a good mood when you sit down to watch it the shallow, obvious and predictable nonsense is going to grate. On the other hand if you are in that good mood and just want some wholesome entertainment then you won't be disappointed because "Dad's Home" is simple, inoffensive entertainment.

Sharon Case in Dad's Home (2010) (aka: Love Will Keep Us Together)

So with my movie reviewer head on let me just say that "Dad's Home" is seriously unoriginal, in fact it feels like it is a movie built on cliches which you can spot coming a mile off. So with the main storyline about widower Ben loosing his job we get the very obvious elements of him trying to be a full time dad to his son and daughter. Yes we have burnt meals, shrunk washing, dropped shopping as well as having to deal with his daughter becoming a woman, you know the sort of thing like needing a bra. In fact that actually makes up the majority of the movie, the trials and tribulations of a single father who has to get use to being mum & dad.

Of course alongside this we get some sub plots, there is his son Dylan who is struggling with baseball and with his daughter Lindsay growing up there are boys and tantrums to handle. Throw in to the mix a pleasant teacher who takes a shine to Ben and we get the necessary romantic issue as well just to add another layer of predictability to the movie. And whilst I won't tell you what happens I am sure you will be able to spot the unoriginal ending coming long before it arrives.

All of which not only makes "Dad's Home" exceedingly obvious but also quite false as there is no depth to any of it, Lindsay has a tantrum then next scene she apologises. It is the wholesome fantasy which I am sure some parents would hope for, where troubles and tears are sorted with a few kind words but it makes it cheesy. And talking of which with the exception of David James Elliott as Ben the performances also side on the wrong side of the cheesy line although that is partly down to some unoriginal and unbelievable dialogue.

But all of that is my opinion with my movie reviewer head on but here is the thing when I watched "Dad's Home" I was in a good, relaxed mood just looking for something simple to amuse me for an hour or so. And that is exactly what it did in a very pleasant, charming and wholesome way which made me smile. It didn't matter that there was not an original idea in the entire movie because the good clean fun kept me in a good mood.

What this all boils down to is that "Dad's Home" is another mood movie, the sort where you need to be in the right mood, a good mood to watch it or else the lack of originality and the plethora fluff will end up grating.