Danger by My Side (1962) starring Anthony Oliver, Maureen Connell, Alan Tilvern, Bill Nagy, Sonya Cordeau, Tom Naylor, Brandon Brady directed by Charles Saunders Movie Review

Danger by My Side (1962)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Maureen Connell in Danger by My Side (1962)

Playing Sleuth in Soho

An undercover CID officer working at a warehouse belonging to criminal Venning (Alan Tilvern) is killed in a hit and run but before he dies his last words to his sister Lynne (Maureen Connell) mentions a Soho strip joint owned by Venning. Wanting revenge for her brother's murder Lynne adopts a different name and begins working as a dancer at Venning's club. But whilst Venning is abroad on some smuggling business Lynne's cover is blown putting her in increased danger.

"Danger by My Side" is one of those movies you find on TV when you are scanning through the channels you never bother with and you start watching out of curiosity. That is how I first came across "Danger by My Side" and whilst it did little for me I did watch it again at another time. You see "Danger by My Side" is simply a routine 1960's crime story which came from the Butcher's production house who if you are unaware made plenty of these forgettable crime stories during the 60s.

Sonya Cordeau in Danger by My Side (1962)

Now from a storyline point of view it is all simple stuff; angry sister takes matters into her own hands to avenge her brother's death which of course puts her in danger but not enough that the police won't be able to save her before it is too late. This of course is made all the more dull by the fact that "Danger by My Side" is one of those movies where budget means dialogue to explain things rather than scenes showing it and those few scenes of drama such as the CID officer get knocked down being almost comical in how poor they are.

The one thing which sort of takes you aback is that much of the movie is set in the Soho club and so there are plenty of scenes which feature scantily clad dancers. We also get a surprising shot right over the shoulder and right down the cleavage of singer Francine, played by Sonya Cordeau. But it is a sad thing when you say the most memorable thing about a movie is the attractive ladies and amount of cleavage on show.

What this all boils down to "Danger by My Side" is poor and really not even just another low budget thriller from the 1960s as it doesn't even have an exciting storyline to draw you in.