Dark Storm (2006) starring Stephen Baldwin, Rob LaBelle, Gardiner Millar, Camille Sullivan, William B. Davis, Keegan Connor Tracy, Carrie Genzel directed by Jason Bourque Movie Review

Dark Storm (2006)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Stephen Baldwin in Dark Storm (2006)

Sigh Fi

I knew what I hoped "Dark Storm" was going to be, I hoped it would be a cheesy, over the top sci-fi movie with obviously poor special effects, daft dialogue and improbable action. Well I got both the poor special effects and improbable action but the entire movie is dull, seriously dull and for all the obvious CGI Wizardry thrown at this movie nothing helps to make it exciting.

A group of scientists lead by Dr. Daniel Gray (Stephen Baldwin - Earthstorm) have been working on a way to tap in to dark matter in space but during a demo something goes wrong and Dr. Gray finds himself with the strange super power to create dark matter. Meanwhile the evil project manager Sever McKray (Gardiner Millar) has nefarious plans for the science they have uncovered. When a plane suddenly evaporates and the scientists discover a major dark matter leak in their satellite Dr Gray must find a way to prevent a major disaster as well as stopping McKray.

"Dark Storm" is certainly a collection of things as it tries to combine science geeks accidentally causing what could be global disaster with a bit of super-hero as Dr. Gray is exposed to dark matter and gains super human powers. Sadly despite the amusing merger of two movie ideas what goes on in "Dark Storm" is seriously dull and seriously cliche. Shady government agencies up to no good, science geeks trying to save the day and much more, there is simply nothing in the least bit entertaining about this movie. Even the ridiculous science fiction elements are not entertaining nor is the dialogue.

The trouble is that this movie needs to be corny so it can become entertaining for being bad but it never does. Take Stephen Baldwin playing a boffin, this should have been ridiculous but Baldwin plays Dr. Gray in such a monotone way that watching paint dry is more entertaining. It is the same with all the characters and none of the characters are either interesting, convincing or entertaining.

In the end the best thing about this movie is the special effects which are the standard style for a made for TV sci-fi movie. But in many ways they needed to be tackier to be amusing because they certainly don't have the finesse to deliver anything close to a wow.

What this all boils down to is that "Dark Storm" is disappointing not because the sci-fi is so ridiculous or because the special effects fail to convince but because it is incredibly dull.