Dead on Campus (2014) Katelyn Tarver, Tamara Duarte, Nicki Aycox, Ashanti Bromfield, Cinthia Burke, Tristan Crigger, Julia Dales Movie Review

Dead on Campus (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Katelyn Tarver in Dead on Campus (2014)

Sorority Sludge

It's college time and Natalie Kellison (Katelyn Tarver), having arrived at college, is happy to get away from her father's new girlfriend and decides to pledge to the Phi Delta Pi sorority house despite being weirded out by Sorority sister Alexa (Tamara Duarte). She's also weirded out when as part of her initiation she has to seduce the nerdy Sumner Williams (Stephen MacDonald - Client Seduction), except the sorority sisters decide to play a prank by drugging Sumner. When he accidentally dies Natalie is persuaded to keep silent by becoming a sorority sister but struggles when Sumner's older sister, Danielle (Nicki Aycox - Profile for Murder), starts asking questions as she doesn't believe her brother's death was down to him taking drugs as he never did drugs. But as the pressure mounts Natalie realises that Alexa is both dangerous and connected.

Let me list a few of the cliches you will find in "Dead on Campus". They start with the new girl on campus who is naive as to the ways things work. We have the catty sorority sister who likes to intimidate the new girls and gets her own way all the time because she is nasty and has a powerful father. Plus we have an accident which the good new girl struggles to cover up with lies which leads to the victim's sister playing Nancy Drew. Basically "Dead on Campus" takes ideas you will have seen in dozens of other college movies and puts them together to try and work for a new audience.

Unfortunately whilst not a terrible movie "Dead on Campus" is one of those movies filled with annoying characters which rather than draw you in to what is going on only end up pushing you away. Not that being pushed away is such a major thing because this is also one of those movies which makes everything so obvious as it goes along that there is no real mystery just a case of watching the story unfold in the least imaginative way possible.

What this all boils down to is that "Dead on Campus" is not only familiar in the fact it uses story ideas which have been done in other movies but it doesn't do anything imaginative with them.