Deadly Daycare (2014) Kayla Ewell, Christy Carlson Romano, Bryce Johnson, Ariella Nurkovic, Isabella Nurkovic Movie Review

Deadly Daycare (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Kayla Ewell in Deadly Daycare (2014)

Deadly Boring

After Rachel (Kayla Ewell - Keeping Up with the Randalls) discovered her husband, Daniel (Bryce Johnson), was being unfaithful she kicked him out and started divorce proceedings, with Rachel keeping the home and receiving support from Daniel for their four year old daughter Mia. But when he calls up to say that he is in a financial rut Rachel takes the decision to return to work as a courtroom artist and put Mia into a daycare run by Barbara (Caia Coley - The Dog Who Saved the Holidays). When Mia's behaviour starts to change Rachel becomes suspicious that she is being mistreated and places a secret camera in the corner of the daycare room to find out what is going on. It is then that Rachel realises that Gabby (Christy Carlson Romano - Christmas with the Andersons), an assistant at the daycare, was involved in a car crash that Rachel and Daniel were involved in a few years earlier and fears she is after revenge.

Reading that synopsis back for "Deadly Daycare" I wondered whether I had given too much away and then I thought back to the movie and thought who cares because this movie serves everything up on a big plate and then spoon feeds it to you in such a way that you actually switch off mentally whilst watching it. For example rather than building some mystery around why Gabby ends up psycho around Mia we get a flashback scene which details everything which happened but it then goes on to tell you everything which is to come as Gabby sinisterly plans to abduct Mia. Movies like "Deadly Daycare" end up frustrating for me because rather than make the audience work to keep on top of what is going on they treat you like you can't work things out for yourself..

Now in fairness the focus of "Deadly Daycare" is really on Christy Carlson Romano as the psychotic Gabby but Romano over acts through out the entire movie to the point that instead of delivering creepy it becomes almost pantomime like. But it isn't just Romano as everyone in "Deadly Daycare" over acts in almost every single scene to the point that it is painful.

What this all boils down to is that is "Deadly Daycare" really didn't work and not only does it make the mistake of spoon feeding everything to the audience it then forces every detail.