Deadly Honeymoon (2010) Summer Glau, Chris Carmack, Zoe McLellan, Erik Palladino Movie Review

Deadly Honeymoon (2010)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Chris Carmack and Summer Glau in Deadly Honeymoon (2010)

Honeymoon Cruise is No Summer Holiday

Following their wedding, Lindsey (Summer Glau - Help for the Holidays) and Trevor Forrest (Chris Carmack - All About Christmas Eve) head off on their luxury honeymoon cruise. But things don't go as Lindsey would like when Trevor becomes chummy with 3 Hungarian businessmen and spends time getting wasted in the casino. But when Trevor suddenly goes missing and Lindsey is found in a distressed state in a corridor, unable to remember what happened the night before, the ships Captain asks vacationing FBI agent Gwen Merced (Zoe McLellan) and ship's security, Sherrick (Erik Palladino - The New Daughter), to work together to try and discover what went on and whether the Hungarian businessmen have anything to do with it.

Right from the start "Deadly Honeymoon" is cheesy as we have a news reporter talking about the mysterious death of Trevor 6 months after it happened. And that element of cheesy continues immediately after when we go back to Trevor and Lindsey's wedding, which is being filmed by one of their bridesmaids. Anyway this is the lead up to the honeymoon and thankfully quite quickly Trevor's mysterious disappearance/ suspected death as they find blood over the balcony of his cabin. I say thankfully because there is so much cheese going on during the start of "Deadly Honeymoon" that to get to the actual mystery and investigation is a godsend.

Erik Palladino and Zoe McLellan in Deadly Honeymoon (2010)

But unfortunately "Deadly Honeymoon" gets no better because the cheese is laid on thick through out the entire movie with less than subtle nods and winks between characters, convenient evidence showing up, stereotypes which border on caricatures and some of the most unreal dialogue you will ever hear. It gets to the point where you stop trying to work out who may have murdered Trevor and thinking that this is based on a true story and just wait for everything to be solved, which trust me isn't that much of a shock. It's not a shock because as with everything else which is forced in "Deadly Honeymoon" so are the less than subtle clues.

There is though one good thing about "Deadly Honeymoon" and that is Summer Glau as Lindsey because at least for the first half she creates an interesting character of the new bride disappointed by her lousy honeymoon. It goes a bit awry during the second half as there are too many unsubtle stares at the camera but compared to the rest of the cast it is a good performance. In fairness the forced performances from many of the cast combined with some poorly written characters are what you expect from a TV movie but it doesn't help when it looks like actors are trying to hide their laughter as they deliver one bad line after another.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Honeymoon" is not a good TV movie and is in truth quite cheesy. The only things which keep you watching are Summer Glau and that sense of curiosity that you need to know who did it even though you will have guessed long before it declares what is what.