Deadly Inn (2018) (aka: Home Invaders) Angie Patterson, Aria Pullman, Chad Michael Collins, Kate Mina Lin, Randy Crowder, Maurice Hall, Gildart Jackson, Jacquelin Arroyo Movie Review

Deadly Inn (2018)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Angie Patterson in Deadly Inn (2018) (aka: Home Invaders)

Inn Trouble

Robyn Flynn (Angie Patterson - Psycho In-Law) and her daughter, Ava (Kate Mina Lin), have moved to a new town where Robyn has bought an old house in need of major renovation. It is how she comes to meet Drew (Chad Michael Collins - Sniper: Reloaded), a general contractor, who she hires to help renovate the old place and turn it in to a Inn. What Robyn isn't aware of is that the old house has a disturbing history involving the last family to have lived there. But never the less Robyn, with the help of Drew, get the place tidied up and soon find themselves with their first guest, the slightly creepy Beth (Aria Pullman). But then strange things start to happen from a spider infestation to being chased and Robyn's life gets turned upside down.

I use to watch a lot of movies each week, reviewing everyone with plenty of zeal, but these days I struggle to find that same level of enthusiasm as sadly it has started to feel like one movie was like the last and like the one previous to that. Of course part of the issue is my fondness for made for TV movies and the fact that so often these movies recycle story ideas which means one movie ends up being familiar to another. This is the case with "Deadly Inn", which is also known as "Home Invaders", as we have the innocent and naive woman in a home she renovated dealing with the dangerous scheming of a woman who has a hidden history with the house. I won't explain what the connection is but "Deadly Inn" is the sort of movie which doesn't shy away from telling you everything right off the bat.

Chad Michael Collins in Deadly Inn (2018) (aka: Home Invaders)

What this means is that "Deadly Inn" revolves around the dangerous schemes of Beth and her creepy mannerisms as she sets about destroying Robyn. At the same time we have Robyn and her friendship to handyman Drew. But none of this is that engaging which is mostly down to its familiarity but also down to the over the top nature of Beth's wild eyed and often wild haired antics. What this actually means is that "Deadly Inn" doesn't work as a thriller and more often than not relies on the looks of the cast.

What this all boils down to is that "Deadly Inn" didn't do a lot for me and ended up a below par made for TV thriller which struggles not only due to the familiarity of it all but too many over the top reactions of the characters.