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Victoria Pratt in Deadly Pursuit (2015)

Victoria's No Dope

When Reid (K.C. Clyde), a wildlife expert from Alder, Alaska, is in L.A. for a few days he meets pretty jeweller Mia Martin (Victoria Pratt) and they spend the day together. But romance is cut short when Reid receives a call that a man has died at the hands of a grizzly and so has to return home. But it leads to Mia deciding to take a vacation and heads up to the stunning Alder to be reunited with Reid. But there she quickly learns that local forester Pam (Vanessa Vander Pluym), who grew up with Reid, still has a thing for him and makes her animosity towards Mia clearly felt. But it seems something else is going on when it comes to the grizzly attack and may involve a man called Izzy (Darin Heames) who makes Mia feel uncomfortable.

Roll up; roll up get two for the price of one. That is my sales pitch when it comes to "Deadly Pursuit" because this is two stories bashed together. Firstly we have this romance as city girl Mia falls for mountain man Reid having always done what her mum wished and not only followed her in to the family jewellery business but dated appropriate men. Of course love never runs smoothly and so we have Reid's former sweetheart Pam taking exception to Mia showing up in Alder, Alaska and as you can guess there is a scene where Pam makes a move of Reid just as Mia arrives, it is that typical.

K.C. Clyde in Victoria Pratt in Deadly Pursuit (2015)

But on top of that we have the mystery of what is going on up in the forests surrounding Alder as we have the mysterious and out of place Izzy roaming the woods, acting threatening and then we have the bear attacks. Unfortunately there is very little mystery when it comes to this side of "Deadly Pursuit" as we have a bad guy, Mia of course ending up in danger and Reid getting to be a hero. Okay so there are some twists in this as to who is involved but when this is classed as a thriller it isn't exactly thrilling.

Instead what "Deadly Pursuit" comes across as is an eye catcher. You have nice guy K.C. Clyde and the attractive Victoria Pratt with her sun kissed hair and then you have some stunning mountain back drops and beautiful looking cabins. Visually there is no denying that "Deadly Pursuit" delivers the look it was trying for.

What this all boils down to is that if you watch "Deadly Pursuit" because you like Victoria Pratt the chances are you will be entertained. But if you watch hoping for a decent thriller then you could end up disappointed.