Movie Review - Dear Diary, I Died (2016) the suicide of her sister leads to a woman searching for the truth as to who was blackmailing her and who really killed her - movie review on The Movie Scene

Dear Diary, I Died (2016)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Whitney Rose Pynn and Tyler Sellers in Dear Diary, I Died (2016)

Judged and Served

Becca (Whitney Rose Pynn) had always been close to her sister Diana (Nicole Coulon) but after Diana had gone to college they had drifted apart with Diana becoming secretive. When Becca receives a panicked phone call from Diana she rushes home only to find her sister hanging from her ceiling fan having committed suicide. But when Becca learns via Detective Paula Diaz (Catherine Lazo) that Diana's neck was already broken prior to supposedly committing suicide she decides to turn amateur detective to discover what was going on in her sister's life. But as she discovers Diana was having an affair with a married man and was also being blackmailed Becca also finds herself not only in danger but also a suspect in another murder when one of Diana's friends is also killed.

I believe "Dear Diary, I Died" was first shown in a film festival but it has a lot in common with your average made for TV movie with a teenage girl putting herself in danger by turning amateur detective to solve who murdered her sister. Now I don't mind this sort of movie and "Dear Diary, I Died" does an okay job of giving the movie some mystery as we have an unseen character called The Judge who is behind the blackmailing. As such whilst I would be lying if I said you couldn't guess who The Judge is, it does make you question a handful of characters due to the way they act.

But like with so many similar movies "Dear Diary, I Died" has a big problem and that is that it is all simply ridiculous. From Becca without fear putting herself in danger to how she manages to pull of some minor criminal moves, such as stealing door keycards it ends up feeling wrong. This is certainly a case when Becca visits a girl in hospital only to end up stabbed with a syringe and flees without a care for whether or not she has contracted something. It really lets the movie down and so no matter how likeable Whitney Rose Pynn is as Becca it isn't enough to stop it feeling ridiculous. In fact some of the acting contributes to this feeling as people struggle to deliver their lines without sounding like they just memorised them.

What this all boils down to is that for me the issues in "Dear Diary, I Died" were too dominant and the end result is a movie which ends up suffering from being too ridiculous and riddled with unconvincing acting.