Demons from Her Past (2007) Alexandra Paul, Michael Woods, Cynthia Gibb, Rob Stewart, John Ralston, Kevin Jubinville, Sophie Gendron Movie Review

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Alexandra Paul in Demons from Her Past (2007)

Past Problems Persist

As a teenager Allison Buchanan (Alexandra Paul - Gospel of Deceit) had a great future ahead of her but that all changed when the car she was driving hit and killed a boy on his bike and she ended up doing time before then heading to Paris to start over. But Allison knows the truth as in the car with her was Quentin (John Ralston - Earthstorm) and K.C. (Rob Stewart - Home by Christmas) who were drunk having been given beers by Quentin's older brother Ray (Michael Woods) and it was K.C. putting his foot on the accelerator and taking the wheel which caused the accident. But they both not only ran but persuaded their friend Jeremy (Kevin Jubinville) to give them an alibi, leaving Allison to take the rap. But now having returned for her grandmother's funeral Allison is seeking justice which is easier said than done when Ray is now the sheriff, Jeremy is a respected doctor and K.C. is a successful businessman who is running for Senator. Allison's only hope is persuading Quentin to tell the truth.

That synopsis for "Demons from Her Past" actually does quite a nice job of setting up the movie as we have Allison returning to town and seeking justice but finding herself being threatened by Ray who in turn is being controlled by both K.C. and Jeremy. Now whilst I would love to tell you that "Demons from Her Past" was one of those clever thrillers which delivers a surprising twist, this is unfortunately a straight forwards case of Allison trying to clear her name, getting threats and those in power doing what they can to keep what they did a secret, even if that means murder. And when I say those in power there is also K.C.'s wife who won't let anything get in their way when it comes to political ambitions.

Now not only is "Demons from Her Past" another one of those movies bereft of creativity it is also one of those movies which is an acting rollercoaster. Scenes of day to day life, catching up with friends and so on are all fine. But the minute a scene arrives which requires pretty much any of the actors to give menace or shock the end result is over the top to the point of being bad.

What this all boils down to is that "Demons from Her Past" is a pretty regular made for TV thriller with nothing really in the way of surprises. But sadly it is a made for TV movie which is frequently let down by the acting.