Devil's Playground (2010) starring Craig Fairbrass, Danny Dyer, MyAnna Buring, Jaime Murray directed by Mark McQueen Movie Review

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Craig Fairbrass in Devil's Playground (2010)

28 Days Earlier

Cole (Craig Fairbrass) works as a trouble shooter for a pharmaceutical company who have been running tests on humans except something has gone very wrong and the population of London has become flesh eating zombies. The only hope to finding a cure is if Cole can battle his way to find Angela Mills (MyAnna Buring) the only person who was tested on who didn't suffer the zombie side effects of the tests. But Angela has issues as her ex, serviceman Joe (Danny Dyer) has just been released from prison having killed a kid who was trying to steal a boat and he is desperate to see her despite her friends warning her that he is trouble. As riots break out all over London it is inevitable that paths will cross along with those of others and when they come together as a group issues of trust come in to play as they try to make it to a four seater helicopter except there are too many of them.

Let me tell you what "Devil's Playground" is to start with. It is a middle of the road zombie movie, a British one made on I guess a moderate budget which leads to moderate special effects and some okay horror make-up. Some may question whether we are talking true zombies as they seem to be free running zombies who leap and spring off of walls but for all sense and purpose they look like zombies and eat flesh like zombies. And unfortunately what gets delivered in "Devil's Playground" is zombie cliches from a battle in the lab, the non affected running and fighting for their lives and even scenes of a TV reporter getting done whilst reporting on the epidemic. About the only thing slightly different is the situation where we have too many people for a helicopter and issues of trust coming in to play.

Now let me tell you what "Devil's Playground" could have been, it could have been a prequel to "28 Days Earlier", establishing why Britain ended up zombified. But nope instead we just cliche and frankly a mixed bag which includes a scene where Craig Fairbrass climbs into a tiny Fiat 126. It almost feels like it is written with comedy in mind but when the movie was put together the joke side of it was removed. There are also sub plots surrounding Cole's own murderous past as well as Angela being pregnant.

What this all boils down to is that "Devil's Playground" is just barely an average zombie movie when you take in to account that it isn't a big budget Hollywood production. But it is only average and doesn't really offer up anything which you won't have seen before in other zombie movies.

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