Diamond Girl (1998) starring Jonathan Cake, Joely Collins, Kevin Otto, Royston Stoffels directed by Timothy Bond Movie Review

Diamond Girl (1998)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Joely Collins in Diamond Girl (1998)

Pretty Woman Lite

Claire Barnard (Joely Collins) has been working for Denny Montana (Kevin Otto) at the legal firm for a few years and secretly has a thing for him although as Denny is dating Margo (Denise Virieux) she doesn't think she has a chance so doesn't bother. Enter Denny's brother Regan (Jonathan Cake) who has been in England for the last decade and who doesn't get off to the best of starts when he pushes his way into the office and starts throwing his weight about. But Regan is not keen on Margot especially when it comes the sale of the Montana family Vineyard as he is sure she is a bad influence on his younger brother. Wanting to kill two birds with one stone Regan suggests that Claire pretends to be his girlfriend as he knows it will make Denny jealous and dump Margo leaving Claire to date him. The only trouble is that Regan starts to fall for Claire in the process.

Usually if I wrote that much for a story outline for a movie I would be annoyed because I would feel like I have told you too much, but the truth is that not only do you need that much to do "Diamond Girl" justice but it is so simple that to say all that doesn't really spoil anything. So yes with "Diamond Girl" we are in cliche territory with the obvious romance between two people who don't initially get on, wind each other up and so on. And it even manages to chuck in to the mix a touch of "Pretty Woman" as Regan turns Claire from a plain paralegal in to a pretty woman.

The thing about "Diamond Girl" is that to make something as simple and obvious as this work it needs to be charming and that is what it is from Claire being turned into a beauty to the obvious feelings which Regan starts to have for her. As such much of the movies success comes down to the casting of Jonathan Cake and Joely Collins who I wouldn't say have great chemistry but are not only fun together but also look good together in the movies sweeter, more romantic moments. Aside from Cake and Collins there is also Kevin Otto who brings plenty of more obvious, over the top comedy to the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Diamond Girl" is quiet sweet fun and a lot better than you might expect from a made for TV movie. In a way I would describe it as "pretty Woman" lite.