Dinosaur Island (2014) Darius Williams, Kate Rasmussen, Joe Bistaveous, Juliette Frederick Movie Review

Dinosaur Island (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dinosaur Island (2014) starring Darius Williams, Kate Rasmussen

A Bit Prehistoric

Young Lucas Winton (Darius Williams) is on vacation and shortly after taking off something mysterious happens and he finds himself stranded on an island where all of a sudden he is attacked by what look like brightly coloured giant birds. Fortunately he is saved by a teenage girl called Kate (Kate Rasmussen) who has been on the island for some while. Lucas soon learns that the island is in fact inhabited by brightly coloured dinosaurs whilst Kate is from 1955 and there have been other inhabitants from before Kate but also after Lucas as they find a paper from the future.

I spotted at least three different names for "Dinosaur Island" as I looked for information and for a recent movie that never bodes well as it screams troubled movie renamed to attract audiences. And "Dinosaur Island" is a troubled movie with many issues even when you take in to account that it is aimed at children. But in truth that doesn't surprise me as it is the creation of Matt Drummond who not only wrote the story but also directed it, whose previous experience had been in the visual effects department on other movies and TV series. And that is where "Dinosaur Island" is at its best with some nice special effects, not spectacular, but nice for the age group which the movie is targeting especially with Drummond going down the feathered dinosaur route.

But as I said "Dinosaur Island" has its issues and not only does the storyline end up cliche with a whole lost world style set up it is also quite dull with nothing major happening to the point it feels at times more of a special effects show reel. But the real issue is the acting and I hate to do it but Darius Williams as Lucas ends up uninteresting whilst Kat Rasmussen's OTT accent and attempt to talk like she was born in the 1940s is not only hysterical but annoying.

What this all boils down to is that maybe for children "Dinosaur Island" will work but for grown ups the issues out weigh what is good about it which in truth is not much.