Do I Say I Do (2017) Becca Tobin, Ryan Kelley, Jason London, Jack Coleman, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Denzel Whitaker, Nicholle Tom, Tamara Duarte Movie Review

Do I Say I Do (2017)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Becca Tobin in Do I Say I Do (2017)

Rom-Com in Need of Therapy

Jessica (Becca Tobin - A Song for Christmas), an author and therapist, has an extra reason to be happy as she has just sent her publisher the draft for the second book and as her deal with the publisher is for two books it means she can move on. This is especially important as her ex, Mike (Ryan Kelley - Sexting in Suburbia), also happens to be her publisher. What Jessica doesn't realise is that Mike isn't really over her and doesn't want her to move on. Meanwhile Mike's technical assistant, Connor (Denzel Whitaker), doesn't realise he has a thing for Hannah (Jasmin Savoy Brown) who like him enjoys going to Zoom-Con.

Usually I am a fan of the easy to watch nature of made for TV romantic comedies, I not only enjoy their familiar nature, which makes them easy to follow, but I also enjoy their cutesy nature. Unfortunately when it comes to "Do I Say I Do" some thing went wrong as whilst still obvious it isn't cutesy fun as sadly the characters come across as being a little too harsh and antagonistic. I guess the intention was for all the bickering and taking swipes at each other was suppose to be funny before the romantic spark is reignited but it doesn't come to life in that way.

What this means is that "Do I Say I Do" ends up one of those made for TV movies which becomes not so much a parade of good looking people but a collection of them. As such both Becca Tobin and Ryan Kelley certainly look good in front of the camera but the spark doesn't work between them. In fact there is more chemistry between Denzel Whitaker and Jasmin Savoy Brown who certainly bring a lot more cuteness to the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Do I Say I Do" ends up not delivering the romantic fun I enjoy in made for TV romantic comedies and in truth has a better secondary storyline to the main one.