Don't Look Up (2009) starring Rachael Murphy, Eli Roth, Ben DiGregorio, Reshad Strik, Alyssa Sutherland directed by Fruit Chan Movie Review

Don't Look Up (2009)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Reshad Strik in Don't Look Up (2009)

Seriously, Don't Look Up

Young director Marcus Reed (Reshad Strik) is fascinated by the story of a 1928 movie based on the life of a woman in the dark ages who made a pact with the gypsy devil, as the cast and crew of that old movie vanished during production. With visions of what happened to them Marcus and his crew head to Romania where the old set of the movie remains and where he plans to remake it. But how is Marcus to know that his attempt to make this movie will unleash a plague of evil spirits which terrorize him, his cast and the crew.

Have you ever noticed in horror movies when characters do things which are simply inexplicable that it robs a movie of any atmosphere it may have generated? Of course this isn't an issue if a movie hasn't generated any atmosphere in the first place which just happens to be the case in "Don't Look Up". To put that in to some sort of context, when the director and his crew find the abandoned set, which is a joke in it self as a set of an unfinished film would never remain for so long, they ignore the strange smells and so on to get on with the shooting. Logically it just doesn't make sense but of course horror and logic rarely walk hand in hand.

But the lack of atmosphere is by no means the only thing which is wrong with "Don't Look Up" because the way the story unfolds just doesn't make sense and something must have been lost in the editing room to bring the movie down towards the 90 minute mark. Not only that we have scenes which are unimportant yet they get a surprising amount of attention such as one involving child birth which in truth borders on the comical yet alone the disgusting.

About the only thing in "Don't Look Up" which worked for me was the acting of the main stars and that is purely down to the actors seemingly trying to deliver character. In some cases the character they create ends up larger than the movie through their mannerisms but at least they ended up grabbing your attention.

What this all boils down to is that "Don't Look Up" didn't make me want to look up that often as sadly it ends up an uninteresting mess. And it is sad because the idea of a movie being haunted has some potential except this didn't reach any of its potential.