Dragonfly Squadron (1954) starring John Hodiak, Barbara Britton, Bruce Bennett, Jess Barker, Gerald Mohr, Chuck Connors, Harry Lauter, Pamela Duncan directed by Lesley Selander Movie Review

Dragonfly Squadron (1954)   2/52/52/52/52/5

John Hodiak in Dragonfly Squadron (1954)

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Having been grounded ever since he caused the death of a test pilot Major Matt Brady (John Hodiak) is sent to Pusan, South Korea to over see the training of the South Korean pilots in the American way. But it is a messy situation as whilst there he runs in to Donna Cottrell (Barbara Britton) who he was engaged to but had to break it off after her husband she thought was dead shows up having been taken prisoner. It makes for an uneasy atmosphere which is heightened when Matt forces an ill South Korean pilot to fly only for him to crash his plane with the other pilots blaming Matt for what may have actually been sabotage by the enemy. When the evacuation of all American's is called Donna and her husband make their way out of Pusan as Matt stays behind at the base.

It never helps matters when the print quality of the movie you watch is poor and sadly the version of "Dragonfly Squadron" which I got to watch was incredibly poor and at times so fuzzy it was hard to see any definition at all. Now "Dragonfly Squadron" was also filmed in 3D when it was made and now has been released in its original 3D format on Blu-Ray and I hope the condition of that print is good as if it is anything like this it is not worth the money.

But then in truth when it comes to what happens in "Dragonfly Squadron" I find myself questioning why bother as it is not the most interesting of war movies. I suppose being a movie reviewer I have watched more war movies than the average movie fan but all I could see were cliches from the romantic love triangle which is clouded by feelings, loyalty and belief that someone is dead right through to an incident where are hero is blamed for being too tough on the men in his command. Whilst you are not entirely sure how the story will play out when it comes to the actual war aspect you can pretty much predict what will occur when it comes to Matt and Donna.

What this all boils down to is that "Dragonfly Squadron" did very little for me with a storyline which was pretty obvious right from the word go. Of course it doesn't help that the print quality was awful but even if it had been pristine this movie about the Korean War and a love triangle would only have scraped in as barely average.