Dreams Lost, Dreams Found (1987) Movie Review

Dreams Lost, Dreams Found (1987)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Kathleen Quinlan in Dreams Lost, Dreams Found (1987)

Lady of the Glen

Sarah McAllister (Kathleen Quinlan - How Not to Propose) is still coming to terms with the death of her husband in a road accident but her close friend Jason (Charles Gray - The Legacy) tells her that it is time for her to move on with her life. It is why after a mysterious dream of a Scottish castle she decides to relocate to Scotland with her sister Jane (Betsy Brantley), especially as the old Scottish castle from her dream is for sale. And it is a home with a history, a ghostly one at that which brings her in to contact with Ross Fleming (David Robb - Ivanhoe) a local who wrote a book on the home's ghostly past.

So we have an American woman who is confident in her own opinions, she moves to Scotland and meets a man who falls for her but being a traditional Scot is use to women who are happy to be bossed about by a man. We also have those who are wary of outsiders and of course that brings conflicted romance especially as are American reminds people of a woman who died years ago, and yes that gives this Harlequin movie a ghost story element. The trouble is that "Dreams Lost, Dreams Found" is a slow moving movie which if the classic shots of Sarah standing by a lake with grey clouds behind her or horse riding over fells don't capture you then it becomes laborious. Even the more generic scenes of Sarah and Ross going shopping with him also showing her the sights whilst we hear a romantic melody do little to breathe life into this movie.

David Robb in Dreams Lost, Dreams Found (1987)

To give credit where it is due, "Dreams Lost, Dreams Found" does tick plenty of those Harlequin movie boxes as such we have Kathleen Quinlan delivering the strong yet fragile American who looks great against some impressive scenery. The same can be said of David Robb who has the tall handsome thing going on and as such looks good next to Quinlan in that traditional protective big guy style. And the scenery is a delight with beautiful lochs, gorgeous fells and those old buildings which look heavily weathered.

What this all boils down to is that unlike some Harlequin movies "Dreams Lost, Dreams Found" didn't draw me in to either the romance or the mystery surrounding the ghost of the castle and that is because this one is sadly too slow for my liking.