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Matt Le Blanc in Ed (1996)

A Swinging Chimp

Jack 'Deuce' Cooper (Matt LeBlanc - Lost in Space) has a killer fast ball and it is that fast ball which gets the attraction of scouts who sign him up. Unfortunately for Deuce he keeps on shaking off the catcher's calls and is making a complete mess of things. But Deuce finds himself with an unlikely roommate; a chimpanzee called Ed who was bought to be a mascot but is in fact turns out to be a great baseball player.

I will leave the synopsis there not because I can't be bothered but purely because "Ed" feels like a movie which didn't really have a storyline so much as a few ideas which without much thought were tossed together. Not that those ideas are revolutionary because truth be told "Ed" is filled with cliches from Deuce struggling as a baseball player to a scene where Ed baby-sits the neighbour's kid and they run riot with ice-cream and popcorn. Even a mad dash rescue scene as Deuce has to save Ed is typical of any family movie where we have someone bonding with an animal which ends up being kidnapped.

But here is the thing; "Ed" is not a good movie, the cliches are bad, the acting is frequently worse and I swear there is a scene where Matt LeBlanc does some smell the fart acting, you need to love Friends to get that one. But yet in a strange, almost perverse way I actually enjoyed "Ed" and I suppose it is because I didn't expect anything other than bad acting and a lot of stupidity, come on a chimp playing baseball, peeing in a toilet next to a guy and Deuce saying he needs to spank the monkey it is just entertaining for being bad and often misguided.

What this all boils down to is that I can't tell you that "Ed" is a good movie but if you are in the right mood it ends up an enjoyable bad movie with everything which is wrong about it becoming everything which is entertaining about it.

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