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Engaging Father Christmas (2017)

Back to Carlton Heath for Christmas

It has been a year since Miranda (Erin Krakow) went to Carlton Heath on the mission to unlock the mystery surrounding who her father was only to fall in love with Ian (Naill Matter). And whilst Ian has been to visit Miranda in Seattle she is looking forwards to returning to experience Christmas in Carlton Heath again and maybe you never know Ian will give her a reason to stay. But her time there may be spoiled as having discovered the year earlier that her father was a famous actor she had promised his widow, Margaret (Wendie Malick) that she would keep it to herself but someone sends her an ominous text which she fears may be from someone who has found out and will expose the truth.

Thank you Hallmark as having been watching and reviewing the current Christmas movie offerings I was beginning to wonder whether there would be any which had that some thing extra, that extra Hallmark sparkle. But "Engaging Father Christmas" delivers that extra sparkle which makes their better movies such a wonderful experience and it is in with minutes of this one starting that you know this movie has it. Now "Engaging Father Christmas" is in fact a follow up to "Finding Father Christmas" and not only do we have beauty of that small Vermont town at Christmas again but we also have Erin Krakow and Niall Matter who have wonderful chemistry and such naturalness around each other as if they have been friends for ever.

But of course there is more to "Engaging Father Christmas" than just a trip down memory lane as there is the question of not Ian will propose but more importantly who is it sending Miranda cryptic messages which threaten to spoil everything by revealing who Miranda's father is. These things combined with the trip down memory lane and more wholesome festive fun that you can shake a candy cane at and this has it, that something which makes you more than smile and more importantly want to watch it again.

What this all boils down to is that "Engaging Father Christmas" is the Hallmark Christmas movie I had been waiting for as it has everything you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie but also that some thing extra which make their better movies simply special.

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