Everything Put Together (2000) Radha Mitchell, Megan Mullally, Catherine Lloyd Burns, Jacqueline Heinze Movie Review

Everything Put Together (2000)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Radha Mitchell in Everything Put Together (2000)

Life's Horror Story

Life is going well for Angie (Radha Mitchell) and her husband Russ (Louis Ferreira); they are expecting their first child and she has a close knit group of friends who are also expecting. But life comes crashing down when the day after giving birth her baby dies of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. As Russ tries to be supportive her friends are unable to deal with a friend's loss of her baby unsure what to say, whilst Angie is unable to tell her mum what happened all of which lead to a sense of isolation as her state of depression becomes deeper and darker.

It is amazing how our minds are conditioned; if you are presented with certain things time and again your mind tends to think that way. Take for example "Everything Put Together", Marc Forster's low budget movie, made for just a hundred thousand dollars and shot on a Mini-DV camera. This low budget, handheld look screams low budget horror as so many low budget horrors have this cheap look and it shares a similar horror soundtrack. Even the storyline wouldn't be about of place in a horror movie with a woman struggling with the death of a baby.

But "Everything Put Together" isn't a horror movie in the traditional sense but a look at the life of Angie as her world simply falls apart as she struggles with the grief of losing a newly born baby. We see how Russ tries to be supportive but finds consoling Angie is impossible as she shuts herself off. We see how her pregnant friends also find it hard to deal with especially as no mum to be wants to have to go through what Angie is going through. And so it goes on as we see piece by piece how Angie's life crumbles but all the time done in a horror style, with musical flourishes which are right out of a horror movie. It makes for a fascinating movie both from what it is about to how Marc Forster presents it to highlight Angie's own horror story which makes it a non traditional horror.

What this all boils down to is that "Everything Put Together" is an intriguing low budget movie which with its drama done in a horror style makes it curious yet works in an unorthodox way to represent Angie's own horror story.