Falling for Christmas (2016) (aka: A Snow Capped Christmas) Leah Renee, Niall Matter, Lochlyn Munro, Gracyn Shinyei Movie Review

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Falling for Christmas (2016) (aka: A Snow Capped Christmas)

Healing at Christmas

Ever since she was young Claire (Leah Renee) has devoted herself to figure skating and after being trained by her determined father now has an equally determined coach in Jullian (Michael Teigen). As such when Claire takes a tumble and her doctor says she needs a few weeks out to rest her Achilles her coach thinks otherwise and decides to send her to a rehabilitation center up in the snowy mountains in the hope she will heal before Nationals. It is up there that Claire meets Luke (Niall Matter), a former hockey player and now a single dad to his young daughter Chamonix (Gracyn Shinyei). Claire quickly grows fond of Luke and Chamonix who help her realise that maybe there is more to life than trying to be the best ice skater.

"Falling for Christmas" is frankly one of the most text book Christmas movies I have watched this year (2016). On one hand we have the professional sportswoman who has devoted her entire life to sport and on the other we have the single dad, a real nice guy who will help others and of course he has a cute daughter who is a fan of the sportswoman. Yes romance blossoms and in this case Claire will face a choice when she has rested and healed. Plus of course whilst Luke grows fond of Claire he wonders about Jullian when he shows up.

Now in fairness there is more to "Falling for Christmas" than just this but it is filled with lots of familiar cute scenes of Claire growing fond of Luke and his daughter Chamonix such as when they all go tobogganing together and so on. But it is all pretty routine as is when Claire's coach shows up at the rehab center and is not use to small town ways such as when they clear ice by hand rather than machine and so on. I could go on because Claire's mum arrives and Luke's brother Lou takes a shine to her which is fun but nothing that new.

What this all boils down to is that "Falling for Christmas", which is also known as "A Snow Capped Christmas" is a routine made for TV Christmas movie full of festive warmth, fun and romance between a pretty young woman and a nice guy single dad with a killer smile. But whilst it is a lot of fun and the sort of movie which is a nice feed in to the festive season but not the sort of Christmas movie which really stands out from the crowd.

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