Figure in the Forest (2002) Dean West, Mary Jo Cuppone, DJ Perry, Barton Bund Movie Review

Figure in the Forest (2002)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Dean West and Mary Jo Cuppone in Figure in the Forest (2002)

The Wrong Figure For Me

After their teenage son is killed by a drink driver Rita James (Mary Jo Cuppone) and her husband David (Dean West) have suffered some major marriage issues as they have been torn apart by their own grieving. So when Rita is visited by the daughter of the drunk driver and is offered her cabin in the woods to get away from things she decides to go with David ending up following on after he tracked her down. There the two of them are stunned when they receive a surprise visitor but it all helps to not only help them with feelings of guilt but also their marital issues.

"Figure in the Forest" has that distinct feel of a low budget production with everything from the dialogue through to the camera work hinting that maybe this was made by some local actors who managed to find a studio to invest a small amount of money. The thing is that if the movie and its storyline was more interesting these budget issues should not matter but sadly they are highlighted by its slow evolving storyline which frankly feels incredibly laboured.

The thing is that with its storyline surrounding a couple struggling in the wake of their son dying this is to me a niche movie with a very specific audience. I am basically on about an audience which can relate with the loss and may find some comfort from how this developed although I do wonder whether the fantasy side of it will work for them. But without that sense of understanding and compassion "Figure in the Forest" is not a very interesting or entertaining movie to watch.

What this all boils down to is that "Figure in the Forest" was not for me and found frankly a troubled movie which continually struggled to gain or keep my interest. But I can see how those who can empathise with a couple grieving for a dead son could end up more impressed.