Final Mission (1994) Billy Wirth, Steve Railsback, Elizabeth Gracen, Richard Bradford Movie Review

Final Mission (1994)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Billy Wirth in Final Mission (1994)

Mind Control Lacks Attention Control

Fighter pilot Captain Tom "Outlaw" Waters (Billy Wirth) is part of a select group who are participating in a top secret flying program which combines the use of drugs and virtual reality to make them not only better pilots but controllable. But not only is causing Tom to suffer from headaches but one of his colleagues died in a crash, another committed suicide after bombing a policeman. Believing that the deaths and actions of his colleagues is down to Colonel Anderson controlling them Waters sets about trying to collect the proof for General Breslaw (Corbin Bernsen).

Honestly "Final Mission" is a really dull movie which never grabs your attention when it starts and never manages to keep what little attention it does get. To put that in to context I tried to watch this movie twice in order to review because far too often I found myself becoming distracted the first time around, not that I missed much either.

Now "Final Mission" isn't that complicated as what we have is a case that those in charge are using a research project involving drugs and virtual reality to control the pilots and not only use them for no good but then make them take their own lives afterwards. So yes we basically have a dressed up military mind control movie which doesn't spend enough time creating the storyline to make it interesting. Instead what you get more of is some dodgy 90s special effects, uninspired action and Billy Wirth doing a Tim Cruise by wearing a flight suit and shades. It isn't enough to make this anywhere close to being worthwhile although maybe fans of Billy Wirth will enjoy it.

What this all boils down to is that "Final Mission" is a weak action movie which struggles right from the word go to get your attention and then struggles to keep what attention it has got.