Final Voyage (1999) Dylan Walsh, Ice-T, Erika Eleniak, Claudia Christian Movie Review

Final Voyage (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Erika Eleniak in Final Voyage (1999)

Eleniak's Under Siege Again

Bodyguard to the rich and famous, Aaron (Dylan Walsh), finds himself hired by a wealthy businessman to protect his daughter Gloria (Erika Eleniak) after he is fired by aging actress Christina (Terry Moore) when he nearly shoots her whilst dealing with terrorists on a plane. Trouble is that Aaron doesn't like to travel and as Gloria is taking a cruise on The Queen Mary, the playground of the rich and famous, he is forced to deal with his issues. But alongside the wealthy Aaron's former girlfriend, Teri (Heidi Schanz), is also aboard working as a reporter which makes things interesting. So does the fact that a group of terrorists lead by Josef (Ice-T) have also snuck aboard and are after the riches stashed in the cruise ships vault.

"Final Voyage" is Erika Eleniak's Bruce Willis moment, that wrong time wrong place issue as she finds herself on another boat, with another bunch of terrorists and another hero. And that means as a movie fan "Final Voyage" is a déjà vu movie as every bit of this has been done before and done better, be it the opening terrorists on a plan scene to pretty much every character and moment of action we encounter along the way. To be as blunt as I can, I don't think there is an original idea in the entire movie and every idea it reuses it never manages to breathe any real life in to.

Dylan Walsh in Final Voyage (1999)

The thing is that whilst "Final Voyage" is a poor movie which reworks a story done many times before it is still a little entertaining. That comes down to the casting of Dylan Walsh and Erika Eleniak because both play their parts with tongue stuck firmly in their cheeks. It has to be said that pretty much everyone else is playing their parts seriously and so this sticks out but thank goodness it does as it is their semi jokey nature which provides the entertainment.

What this all boils down to is that as an action movie "Final Voyage" is poor, some might even say it is woeful. But the cheesy nature and tongue in cheek action of Dylan Walsh and Erika Eleniak make it just about watchable.