Finding Christmas (2013) starring Tricia Helfer, J.T. Hodges, Mark Lutz, Cristina Rosato directed by Harvey Crossland Movie Review

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Cristina Rosato and J.T. Hodges in Finding Christmas (2013)

A Hallmark Holiday

Sean (Mark Lutz) from New York City should be having the best day of his life, his advertising campaign was a success and he is planning on asking his girlfriend to marry him, except in front of everyone she tells him that they should have a break. So Sean decides to take part in a Christmas house swap which is how he gets in touch with Owen (J.T. Hodges) who lives in a small community in North Carolina and knows all about bad break ups as he hasn't got over his ex as they always bump in to each other. When Owen arrives in the city he meets Sean's assistant Mia (Cristina Rosato) and there is a spark between them whilst Sean meets Owen's sister Ryan (Tricia Helfer) a single mother of one who has given up on love yet they also connect.

I've been sitting here for a few minutes thinking of ways I could dress it up but no matter how many times I juggle the words it makes no difference as they always add up to "Finding Christmas" is a Hallmark version of "The Holiday". Yes two people swap homes and having done so because of romantic failures end up finding romance in the lead up to Christmas. Not only that the one who leaves the big city for the small town has doubts less than 24 hours after arriving and thinks of returning. But here is the switch as instead of two women switching homes we have two guys who switch homes to get away from their romantic failures only to find romance.

Mark Lutz and Tricia Helfer in Finding Christmas (2013)

So yes "Finding Christmas" isn't original and for those who have a dislike of TV movies will probably find it hard work immediately for being a Hallmark version of "The Holiday". But for those who like the easy nature of Hallmark Christmas movies it is a fun little variation on the better known movie with some scenes ending up very similar whilst others have fun playing on those expectations from knowing what is to come.

As for the acting, well we have an appealing looking cast playing it nice, smiling lots, looking lovingly at each other and delivering the easy on the eyes and ears stuff which to be frank is what you expect from a Hallmark Christmas movie. Yes you could say that every single character lacks depth but depth in these sorts of movies is so rare that it would probably end up feeling seriously out of place.

What this all boils down to is that "Finding Christmas" is some typical festive fun for those who enjoy Hallmark movies even if it is only a variation on "The Holiday". Having said that even if the movie doesn't do it for you because of its easy going style there is a scene featuring an acoustic version of "Joy to the World" which will grab your attention.

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