Finding Mrs. Claus (2012) Mira Sorvino, Will Sasso, Laura Vandervoort, Andrew W. Walker Movie Review

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Laura Vandervoort and Andrew W. Walker in Finding Mrs. Claus (2012)

Mrs. Claus's Neglected Dumplings

Things have turned cold up at the North Pole, no I don't mean the weather but romantically as Mrs. Claus (Mira Sorvino) is feeling neglected as tells one of the elves that there was a time when Santa (Will Sasso) would go mad for her dumplings. When Santa comes home and falls straight to sleep on their 500th anniversary Mrs. Claus sits down to read the latest letters which is when she comes across one from young Hope (Aislyn Watson) addressed to her as she wants her single mum Noelle (Laura Vandervoort) to find love and be happy. It leads to Mrs. Claus taking a little joyride in the sleigh to Las Vegas to try and help make Hope's wishes come true which when Santa finds out leads to him going after her.

"Finding Mrs. Claus" is the sort of Christmas movie that they need to make a lot more of. On first glance it seems like just another typical made for TV Christmas movie with some romantic meddling as we have a single mum and a handsome, good hearted bar tender. We also have Mrs. Claus going AWOL and Mr. Claus with a help of an elf trying to find her and of course being a made for TV movie we have to have a cute kid in there. In fact "Finding Mrs. Claus" on paper looks such a regular made for TV Christmas movie that you might even over look it but I suggest you don't.

Will Sasso in Finding Mrs. Claus (2012)

The reason why I suggest you don't is because there is a lot of grown up humour which makes this a lot funnier for grown ups than it probably is for young children. It all starts with Mrs. Claus bemoaning her neglected dumplings and yes it is being that obvious and it follows up with the naive Mrs. Claus in Vegas inviting all the single men to a party in her room. And it is not just Mrs. Claus as there is Calvin the elf helping Santa who throws himself in to everything Vegas. To put it simply the humour in "Finding Mrs. Claus" is still family entertainment but a family featuring teenagers rather than young children.

Of course there is still the typical side to "Finding Mrs. Claus" with the whole single mum and her handsome bartender friend who is her Mr. Right but the focus is more on the bubbly nature of Mrs. Claus with Mira Sorvino in many ways taking us back to her "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" days with the style of humour. And then there is Will Sasso who is brilliant as Mr. Claus with plenty of those double take facial expressions he is so good at whilst coming across like a cuddly teddy bear with a great smile.

What this all boils down to is that "Finding Mrs. Claus" is a real gem of a movie for those who enjoy Christmas movies but have outgrown those which just serve up comedy for young children. In fact I will say that "Finding Mrs. Claus" is good enough to become an annual Christmas movie event thanks to the comedy and the cast.

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