Flight of Fury (2007) starring Steven Seagal, Steve Toussaint, Angus MacInnes, Mark Bazeley, Ciera Payton, Tim Woodward, Katie Jones directed by Michael Keusch Movie Review

Flight of Fury (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Steven Seagal as John Sands in Flight of Fury (2007)

Seagal Takes Flight, You Should To

Over the years I have watched a few of Steven Seagal's movies and whilst none of them have been great the likes of "Under Siege" have been good enough to watch more than once. But unfortunately as years have passed Steven Seagal has gone from being an action hero to a brand, put him in a terrible movie and people will watch it because it is Seagal. And that is how "Flight of Fury" represents itself because it is a poor movie, with dodgy action, terrible acting and a storyline which isn't really worth viewing. But it has Seagal, strolling though action, disarming people with a single karate chop or flick of his knife and that is meant to be enough to sustain are interest.

Having escaped from a military medical facility where they plan to wipe his memory, John Sands (Steven Seagal - The Glimmer Man) is arrested when he stops an armed robbery. Old friend General Tom Barnes (Angus MacInnes) shows up and offers him his freedom if he will help him out one more time as an extremely expensive and revolutionary fighter jet has been taken and they need it back or at worst destroyed.

Mark Bazeley as Captain Richard Jannick in Flight of Fury (2007)

Basically "Flight of Fury" has a storyline which you will feel like you have seen before. It takes the already used element of a fighter pilot stealing a highly advanced jet for a wealthy megalomaniac and it combines it with the story of a former military man persuaded to go and retrieve the plane in order to clear his name. It has all been done before and there is nothing new added to the slim storyline to make it anymore interesting even a subplot which concerns biological war.

What that means is that "Flight of Fury" is nothing more than a series of set pieces and poses. We get Seagal as John walking through danger and dispatching people without breaking a sweat whilst posing in his fighter pilot outfit, did I mention he is meant to be the best stealth pilot in the world, ridiculous I know. Throw in more action set pieces, plenty more posing and just for good measure a bit of lesbian love making and nudity and that is basically it. Does it ever get exciting? not once, does it get cheesy? far too often as we get one corny line of machismo after another.

And that is it because there is not a single good performance in the movie and as already mentioned Seagal basically walks through the entire movie deploying single blows and plenty of squints. It is sadly what brand Seagal has ended up because this is a performance similar to many of Seagal's more recent movies. And it makes you wonder whether Seagal is still interested in trying to make a good movie or just savvy enough to keep collecting the pay checks whilst Brand Seagal still has its fans.

What this all boils down to is that "Flight of Fury" is a movie for Seagal fans who like his single punch action scenes and minimilistic delivery of characters. But for anyone who stumbles across it hoping for some kick butt action will be sorely disappointed with the only excitement coming form a brief lesbian love scene.