Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word (2016) Brooke Shields, Brennan Elliott, Beau Bridges, Celeste Desjardins, Michael Vincent Dagostino, Kate Drummond, Christian Lloyd Movie Review

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Brooke Shields in Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word (2016)

Shield's Up for Crime Solving

Following the death of her husband, a couple of years earlier, Abby Knight (Brooke Shields - Chalet Girl), a NYC lawyer, decides she needs a fresh start. So with her teenage daughter studying at a nearby college Abby returns to New Chapel, the town she grew up in, where with the support of her father, Jeffrey (Beau Bridges - Christmas in Angel Falls), sets up a flower shop. But when a black SUV rams her prized vintage car Abby decides to turn detective with the help of new neighbour, Marco Salvare (Brennan Elliott - Christmas Encore), a former marine and private investigator turned bar owner. Things take a much darker turn when a friend of Abby's is murdered and another ends up the prime suspect.

And so they keep on rolling as I get to "Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word" yet another one of these made for TV movies where a business owner or chef or librarian or interior designer turns amateur detective when a crime happens close to home and involves a friend. As such whilst we have Brooke Shields starring as Abby Knight, the titular flower shop owner, the rest of the movie is typical from the flirtations with confident bar owner Marco to Abby ending up in danger when she can't keep her nose out of things. In fairness she can't keep her nose out because it is an old high school friend who is a suspect and as such can't see him ending up in trouble for something he is not guilty of but everything in "Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word" is typical.

Brennan Elliott in Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word (2016)

The thing is that whilst "Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word" is extremely typical it still works in that, anyone who has enjoyed the recent influx of these amateur detective/crime solving movies on the Hallmark Channel will enjoy this as well. And in truth much of that is down to the casting with Brooke Shields bringing humour and likeability to the role of Abby Knight whilst working well with Beau Bridges who really has a comfortable feel to his performance as Abby's father.

What this all boils down to is that "Flower Shop Mystery: Mum's the Word" is in a good way a typical Hallmark movie featuring a business woman turned amateur detective. But it means that this is a movie for those who enjoy the easy going nature of these made for TV amateur detective movies rather than those hoping for crime solving excitement.

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