For Better and for Worse (1992) starring Kate Nelligan, Jennifer Beals, Geraint Wyn Davies, Werner Stocker, Manfred Lehmann, Madeleine Robinson, Gertrud Prey directed by Clive Donner Movie Review

For Better and for Worse (1992)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Kate Nelligan and Jennifer Beals in For Better and for Worse (1992) (aka: Terror Stalks the Class Reunion)

Teachers Threat

Kay (Kate Nelligan - Frankie and JohnnyKate Nelligan - Frankie and Johnny) and her husband have returned to Germany for a school reunion involving her students, one of which is Virginia (Jennifer Beals - Flashdance) who is in the military and is in the middle of a case involving an escaped killer. But another old student is lurking around, Tony (Geraint Wyn Davies) who having spent the years between school and now not only shedding a lot of weight but also holding an ever increasing obsession for Kay. After luring her to the parking lot he kidnaps his former teacher handcuffing her in an isolated cabin where he has some nefarious plans for her.

Lets clear something up right away, here in the UK this movie which is based on a Mary Higgins Clark story is called "For Better and for Worse" but it appears that elsewhere it is known as "Terror Stalks the Class Reunion". Now I must admit I prefer the title "Terror Stalks the Class Reunion" but it is also misleading as that makes it sound like a horror movie when in truth it is only a middle of the road thriller. Basically it is what you expect from a movie based on Mary Higgins Clark story although this one with its European setting also has a much more European feel to it than the usual made in American movies.

Geraint Wyn Davies in For Better and for Worse (1992) (aka: Terror Stalks the Class Reunion)

In fairness the basic idea of a student having spent almost a decade obsessing over a teacher and planning what he will do during a school reunion is a good one. I say that because it could go one of two ways; is he psychotic in his hate or psychotic in his love and so we do have a little bit of mystery all but a ridiculous one. But there is nothing special about this mystery as in typical fashion Kay tries to escape from her chains when Tony is out but of course we see him pulling up as she gets close to freeing herself from her bonds. And to be honest at times the movie gets side tracked by the sub plot of the serial killer on the run.

Now as like most things about "For Better and for Worse" the acting is only at best typical with neither Kate Nelligan nor Jennifer Beals really managing to make their characters feel real. But Geraint Wyn Davies is at least entertaining in an enthusiastically obsessed way.

What this all boils down to is that like with other movies based on Mary Higgins Clark stories "For Better and for Worse" has a certain appeal. But similarly it is a limited appear and if you don't enjoy made for TV thrillers which lack realism it will be a struggle.