Freelancers (2012) (aka: Crossfire) 50 Cent, Forest Whitaker, Robert De Niro, Malcolm Goodwin Movie Review

Freelancers (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

50 Cent in Freelancers (2012) (aka: Crossfire)

You've Been Duped

When he was a child Malo's (50 Cent) father, a NYPD officer, was killed and whilst he almost went off the rails he was given a chance to make his later father proud by joining the force. Soon after graduating he meets Joe Sarcone (Robert De Niro), his late father's partner, who now runs a little operation involving dirty cops which he wants Malo to be a part off. But after being put to the test to make sure he is rogue enough Malo learns the truth about his father's murder and becomes hell bent for revenge even if getting justice could be the end of him.

If you were to take all the scripts about dirty cops plus newly graduated cops then threw them all in to the air I dare say you could pick up the top 3 random pages and it would read like the script for "Freelancers" a movie which later got renamed "Crossfire" for unknown reasons. As such this drama about dirty cops offers up little in the way of originality when it comes to the storyline, characters and pretty much everything as we enter a cesspool of a precinct where you have officers doing drugs, others turning a blind eye to crimes and outright racists. About the only variable in this entire movie is how Malo finds out the truth about his father although you can take a stab in the dark at that one.

Robert De Niro in Freelancers (2012) (aka: Crossfire)

About the only surprising thing in "Freelancers" is the talent which have been persuaded in appearing with Forest Whitaker and Robert De Niro leading the way when it comes to star power with 50 Cent, Vinnie Jones and Dana Delany not that far behind. But the movie is so bog standard that no one gets a chance to shine or establish anything close to an interesting character. It means that this becomes a movie which feels like it has duped you because it has some star names but nothing to back them up.

What this all boils down to is that "Freelancers" doesn't hit the mark and ends up a movie which leaves you not only mostly bored by its cliche storyline but also feeling duped due to the big names who appear in this movie but at times feel like they are calling in their parts.