Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder (2017) Lori Loughlin, Sarah Strange, Steve Bacic, Eva Bourne, Connor Stanhope, Kevin O'Grady, Chiara Zanni, Jay Brazeau Movie Review

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Sarah Strange and Lori Loughlin in Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder (2017)

Jenn Goes Beach Combing

When Jennifer (Lori Loughlin - Every Christmas Has a Story) picks up a surf board for next to nothing she knows it is vintage and that Annie Winter (Chiara Zanni - In My Dreams), who often comes to the shop, will buy it for her surf loving, entrepreneurial husband, Steve (David Paetkau). It leads to Jennifer and her husband, Jason (Steve Bacic - All for Love), becoming friends with the Winters. But when Steve is found dead, washed up on a beach in what the police suspect is a surfing accident, Jennifer is there to support Annie as she has to identify the body and pick up Steve's car from the beach. It is at the beach that Jennifer begins to suspect that things are not as they seem as she sees tyre tracks near his vehicle and when Annie starts to suspect foul play it is Jennifer who starts investigating. Whilst this is going on Jennifer and business partner, Danni (Sarah Strange - A Christmas Detour), find themselves dealing with a couple in the midst of a divorce who are both bringing each other's belongings to the shop. And on top of that Jennifer's son has a crush on a girl at school so has decided to try out for the school play.

Typical is the single word I need to describe "Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder" as this 8th movie in the Hallmark Murder & Mystery franchise, yes we are up to 8 with more to come, follows the formula which the previous movies have followed. As such the central storyline sees Jennifer investigating a murder which means her husband Jason warns her not to get involved. And we quickly realise when it comes to that murder there are a few suspects from local surfers who don't like rich people using their beach to business partners and a brother who might have their own motives for murder. Of course with Jennifer getting all sleuth like she visits the friendly coroner, once again played by Jay Brazeau, as well as having off the record discussions with Detective Lynwood. In fairness the mystery of the murder is intriguing but as I said; "Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder" doesn't stray from the usual formula.

But the "Garage Sale Mystery" formula doesn't stop there as we have a couple of subplots with on one hand Dani dealing with the customers who are getting divorced and are bringing their stuff in for her and Jennifer to sell. And then there is the family side to this with her son, Logan, having a crush on a girl and as such is trying out for a school play whilst getting advice from his sister and father. It is the usual subplot distractions which give "Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder" some variance and helps to build up the regular supporting characters for further subplots in later movies.

What this all boils down to is that with "Garage Sale Mystery: The Beach Murder" being typical it should appeal to those who have enjoyed the previous movies although for those who are finding these murder mystery movies becoming too samey it might struggle to keep you engaged.

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