Ghost Storm (2012) Carlos Bernard, Crystal Allen, Cindy Busby, Kacey Rohl, Aaron Douglas Movie Review

Ghost Storm (2012)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Aaron Douglas, Crystal Allen and Carlos Bernard in Ghost Storm (2012)

Storm in a Cemetery Junction Box

On a small island rumours surrounding a historic mass suicide are well known especially amongst the community's teenagers who frequently hang out at the cemetery where the bodies are buried. When some thing strange happens at the cemetery resulting in the death of Carl's (Steve Bacic) son, stranger things follow as the body looks like it has been dead for years and quickly turns to dust at the coroner's office. It appears that somehow the ghosts have been released during an electrical storm and now they are out to cause destruction to everyone on the island. It will be up to Sheriff Hal (Carlos Bernard) and his estranged wife Ashley (Crystal Allen) to try and save the people.

Well if you enjoy the sort of Horror, Sci-Fi movies which generally get aired on the SyFy channel then the chances are you going to enjoy "Ghost Storm" as well. But I say that will the added warning that this is one of those movies which is going to entertain you more for some of the bad stuff rather than what is good. For me, to be honest it did very little and generally I enjoy the badness which fills these types of movies.

Steve Bacic in Ghost Storm (2012)

Now "Ghost Storm" is not a complex movie as we have some thing supernatural controlling the weather over an island community. Typically we have a former married couple trying to save the day and just as typically they have a teenage daughter who in trying to get to the bottom of things herself who of course ends up putting herself in danger. There is some more to it than that as we have a mystery surrounding an old mass suicide which connects to some of the people who end up involved but it is only a minor subplot added to, well for me it was added to pad it out.

In fairness there are some clever things in "Ghost Storm" although most of them end up feeling like they have been lifted from big screen movies. As such let me just say that part of the danger in this movie is that these ghosts appear to have entered the island's electrical supply. That means we get a mix of some entertaining special effects, some typical TV movie style CGI when it comes to storm clouds, and then we have dust on the floor when bodies seem to get incinerated in the blink of an eye.

What this all boils down to is that "Ghost Storm" whilst a TV movie with the occasional nice idea is mostly your typical made for TV horror/ sci-fi movie which is more likely to entertain for what is bad about it rather than what is good.