Ghost (1990) starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Tony Goldwyn, Rick Aviles, Vincent Schiavelli, Phil Leeds directed by Jerry Zucker Movie Review

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Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in the pottery scene in Ghost (1990)

Demi wants Moore from Patrick than Ditto!

Whilst "Ghost" may have found it's way on to various romantic movie lists it is for me a good movie even a nice romantic movie but one which you remember for certain things and none of them are the storyline. Nope you remember "Ghost" for the romantic pairing of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore especially during the pottery scene as "Unchained Melody" plays and of course there is Whoopi Goldberg providing plenty of comedy. But those are the things that stick in your memory about "Ghost" and unfortunately a few memorable scenes and cast do not make a great movie be it romance or not.

Having just moved into a new apartment, Sam (Patrick Swayze - Dirty Dancing) and Molly (Demi Moore - The Juror) are deeply in love. But after a night out at the theatre their perfect life comes to a crashing halt when Sam is killed during a mugging. Stuck in limbo as a ghost Sam discovers that his death was no accident and must find a way to communicate with Molly as she is in danger. Having stumbled across fake psychic Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg - Corrina, Corrina), Sam discovers that in fact she can hear him and has to do everything he can not only to get her to help but also convince Molly that she is in danger.

Whoopi Goldberg and Patrick Swayze in Ghost (1990)

The actual storyline to "Ghost" is a blend of romance and thriller. The thriller aspect is that having found himself in limbo after being killed Sam discovers his death was no accident and realises that Molly is in danger. So we watch Sam's desperate attempts firstly to discover the truth about why he was killed, then protect Molly from beyond the grave as well as sorting out the people who were behind his murder. That sounds absolutely daft but in fact this storyline works surprisingly well. I remember the first time I watched "Ghost" I was surprised by who was behind Sam's murder and enjoyed how he went about saving Molly. It's by no means a great edge of your seat thriller but delivers just enough suspense and twists to keep you interested.

But whilst "Ghost" is a capable thriller it is the romantic element which is so fondly remembered, which is strange because "Ghost" isn't a great romantic movie. Oh the pottery scene with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore getting mucky with clay as The Righteous Brothers "Unchained Melody" wafts through the air works on a romantic level. And I suppose that Sam trying to protect Molly after he is dies is sort of romantic but for me that is about it when it comes to being a romantic movie. The pairing of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore certainly gives it the right eye appeal but for me that's it and it doesn't lift me into some slushy romantic state.

What though does make "Ghost" more entertaining is that in-between the few romantic scenes and the capable storyline there is plenty of comedy, most of which is down to Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae Brown. From the way Goldberg looks through to the frantic dialogue as Sam contacts her from beyond the grave it just makes you laugh. It also helps that director Jerry Zucker handles the comedy side of "Ghost" brilliantly allowing the laughs to flow but never letting them get in the way of the storyline, embellishing things nicely so that "Ghost" borders more on the light hearted rather than heavy.

Goldberg is not the only reason why "Ghost" has a light hearted feel to it and Swayze delivers plenty of amusement as he has to get use to being a ghost. Scenes where he tries to punch things or go through doors work nicely to make you smile. And the scene on the train where he meets the subway ghost played by Vincent Schiavelli are just brilliant going from dark to light with the lessons on how to move things when you have no body.

Of course there is a third person which makes up "Ghost" well a third person who is memorable and that is Demi Moore. It has to be said that Deli Moore plays things just right, she is adorable in her vulnerability after Sam's death but also believable as one half of a couple truly in love although exasperated by Sam's use of "ditto" instead of saying that he loves her. The trio of Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg are what makes the movie come together and although Tony Goldwyn is solid as Carl his character is over shadowed by those of Sam, Molly and Oda Mae Brown.

What this all boils down to is that "Ghost" is a good movie and manages to deliver the right blend of a thrilling storyline with romance and comedy, never being a master of any but adequate in all. But for me "Ghost" is not a great romantic movie rather than one which thanks to the like of the pottery scene and "Unchained Melody" has some memorable moments.