Girl House (2014) Movie Review

Girl House (2014)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ali Cobrin in Girl House (2014)

He'll Be Your Loverboy

With money tight and her college tuition fees to play Kylie Atkins (Ali Cobrin) takes up the offer of Gary Preston (James Thomas) to becomes one of his girls. His girls all live in a secured house where their every move is streamed online for paying customers who can watch them put on x-rated shows. One of the regular viewers is a guy who goes by the name of Loverboy (Slaine) who ever since an incident with a young girl as a child has been left mentally unbalanced especially when he thinks he is being mocked by a woman. It soon becomes clear that someone has discovered the location of the girl house and now Kylie and her friends are going to have to fight to survive a nightmare in the Girl House.

"Girl House" is not a complicated movie as we have a psycho, yes he wears a mask, entering a house and taking out his psychopathic issues on the erotic performers who live there. In many ways it is just an update on many of those older slasher movies with are psycho now using modern technology, as in the streaming footage from inside the house, to move around undetected and pick off his victims. It even does some nice things from giving us audience views of danger to witty one liners as well as a back story to the disturbed character of Loverboy.

Slaine in Girl House (2014)

The thing is that whilst "Girl House" certainly delivers plenty of action and some eroticism of sorts it just doesn't really deliver that ominous air, that sense of danger and certainly not the scares the movie needs to be an intense experience. Instead what you get is graphic horror from watching one victim being hung to another getting her fingers chopped off. I suppose in a way what I am saying is that whilst "Girl House" has some really nice ideas the finished product ends up all a little too routine, lacking in the original horror and atmosphere needed to make it stand out from the crowd and instead being reliant on trying to be graphic to entertain.

What this all boils down to is that "Girl House" is a modern slasher movie with some nice ideas, some graphic horror and an erotic side of sorts. But beneath the surface it ends up being pretty standard stuff with a crazed psycho in a mask entering a house to go on a killing spree.