Girlfriend Killer (2017) Dina Meyer, Corin Nemec, Barbie Castro, Khotan Fernandez, Betsy Graver, Taylor Castro, Jason Cook, Brian Gross, Elisabetta Fantone, Eliezer Castro Movie Review

Girlfriend Killer (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Barbie Castro in Girlfriend Killer (2017)

Another Killer for Castro

Carmen Ruiz (Barbie Castro - Patient Killer) has a bit of an unusual job; she helps those in love to stage the perfect surprise wedding proposals which she also films for her clients. It makes it a little tricky when her boyfriend, Ryan (Brian Gross - Killer Island), decides to propose as he has to seek Carmen's daughter, Ayla (Taylor Castro - Boyfriend Killer), to help do something special. Unfortunately some times Carmen's magic touch is not enough when it comes to her clients, which is the case for Emerson (Jason Cook - A Mother's Crime) who despite staging a romantic proposal is rejected by his girlfriend. Feeling awkward Carmen tries to comfort Emerson and hopes her sympathy will have helped. But maybe it has helped a little too much as first Carmen's home is broken into and then Ryan is injured after secretly buying an engagement ring.

"Girlfriend Killer" starts with Ayla heading up to her room and when she goes to open a door we see her scream; the question is; what did Ayla see behind the door? And in quite a standard way the storyline then jumps back a week and we enter the world of Ayla and her mum Carmen who we watch staging a marriage proposal for a nice guy, whilst filming it as part of her services. The thing is that in a way "Girlfriend Killer" then makes a mistake as it doesn't hide the fact that Emerson is our obsessed psycho who sets his sights on Carmen and is not adverse to eliminating those who might end up being an obstacle, be it the girlfriend who dumped him or Ryan when he goes to buy an engagement ring.

Now in fairness Emerson is a manipulative devil who comes up with various tactics for dealing with problems which threaten to spoil his plans. At the same time Carmen and her daughter aren't your typical naive victims who do stupid things. And on top of that you have Dina Meyer as a detective who can sense that Emerson isn't as he seems and as such brings a nice level of suspicion to her part in the movie. In truth it is down to the fact that the characters in "Girlfriend Killer" are not the usual stupid kind which helps to stop the predictability of an obsessed man storyline making this just another obsessed thriller.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Girlfriend Killer" isn't anything special it is still entertaining as it benefits from reasonable characters which are nicely played by a cast of familiar faces.