Girls Against Boys (2012) Nicole LaLiberte, Danielle Panabaker, Matthew Rauch, Liam Aiken Movie Review

Girls Against Boys (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Danielle Panabaker in Girls Against Boys (2012)

Twisted Revenge

After being dumped by her boyfriend as he has decided to get back with his wife, Shae (Danielle Panabaker) is having a difficult time which gets worse when after meeting a guy at a club he won't take no for an answer and rapes her on her doorstep. With the help of friend Lulu (Nicole LaLiberte) they go to the police to report it but not only find them uncaring but also eyeing up Shae like she was a piece of Meat. It leads to Lulu taking matters into her own hands and after seducing a cop and then murdering him with his own gun they set out to get revenge on all the guys who have done Shae wrong.

Spoiler alert - this review of "Girls Against Boys" will later on contain a massive spoiler and as such if you don't want to know what is quite a significant detail then just watch the movie. Now "Girls Against Boys" seems quite an ordinary movie, attractive girl gets left by one man, raped by another and generally seen as a sex object ending up getting revenge with the help of her more forceful friend Lulu who is more dominant and in control when it comes to life and what she wants. In fact as events plays out and we watch Lulu torture and kill those who have done Shae wrong you begin to suspect that maybe she has sexual feelings towards her friend and is becoming possessive.

Nicole LaLiberte in Girls Against Boys (2012)

All of the above comes across in an almost indie sort of way and is not the exploitative movie which some people who watch have expected, there are some very disappointed reviewers of this movie. Yes this is a horror movie but quite clearly, when you start to watch, not one which seems to get off on violence towards women. It makes it a movie with a tone which whilst maybe appealing to those who enjoy non commercial cinema might be less entertaining for those who expect every movie they watch to have a polished, commercial feel.

But then there is the spoiler, the big twist at the end of "Girls Against Boys" and to put it bluntly it adds nothing to the movie. That twist is that there isn't anyone called Lulu and she is in fact a side of Shae, that victim side who is fighting back against those who have used and abused her. Now yes it is a twist which you don't immediately see coming but it doesn't really change what you have spent 90 minutes watching as it still remains a movie about taking revenge on guys and the mistrust which builds up after being mistreated several times.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Girls Against Boys" seems like just another revenge horror movie where a girl and a friend take revenge on those who have wronged them. But it is more and tries to make a point through a clever twist while showing how mistrust can build. Whilst it makes a point the twist doesn't add a huge amount to the movie.