Gossip (2008) Kelli Williams, Kris Holden-Ried, Inga Cadranel, Julia Kennedy, Fiona Carver, Brad Borbridge, Mary Walsh Movie Review

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Kelli Williams in Gossip (2008)

Slow News Day

When Joanna (Kelli Williams) left Camden Bay, Maine she went off to Boston University and then married a doctor. But when her marriage failed and her husband decides to fight for custody of their daughter Maddie (Julia Kennedy), on the grounds that Joanna is unstable, she heads back to Camden Bay to stay with her brother Lyle (Brad Borbridge) and his wife Sandy (Fiona Carver). It is shortly after returning home she gets a shock when she learns that Scott (Kris Holden-Ried), a guy she was involved with at Boston University, lives next door to Lyle and Sandy with his wife Laura (Inga Cadranel), who is a coach at the local school. Joanna's return doesn't go unnoticed in a town where gossip and rumours spread like wild fire which is what happens when the town is hit by a string of burgularies with the rumour mill suggesting Joanna may be involved.

I have to say that the synopsis for "Gossip" is frankly a lot better than the movie itself because what we get is a divorced mum returing to a small town, finding herself with feelings for an old flame who now lives there whilst dealing with rumours surrounding a series of burglaries. That is essentially what makes up 87 minutes of this movie as it gently works its way through this drama with scenes of both Joanna and Scott dealing with rekindled emotions whilst the locals gossip over her private life and speculate on the burglaries. I wish I could tell you there was a lot more to "Gossip" than this but there isn't and this ends up an incredibly slow drama.

The thing is that if you enjoy the sort of dramas which myself and others might call shallow and lethargic then there is a good chance you might find "Gossip" entertaining. There is in fact some thing quite nice about the central romantic storyline and the mystery surrounding the burglaries whilst not that surprising is nicely worked in to the whole theme of a town full of gossip and speculation. Plus Kelli Williams is one of those actresses who has a winning smile which makes you easily warm to her character.

What this all boils down to is that "Gossip" didn't do a great deal for me and was a case of a slim storyline delivered in a lethargic manner which fails to really bring the drama to life.