Greyfriars Bobby (2005) starring James Cosmo, Sean Pertwee, Suzanne Dance, Ron Donachie, Charles Donnelly, Lawrence Douglas, Tom Freeman directed by John Henderson Movie Review

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Greyfriars Bobby (2005) starring James Cosmo, Sean P ertwee

His Master's Dog

John Gray, Constable No 90, and his watchdog Bobby were inseparable ever since John got Bobby as a wee pup because being a policeman meant he had to have a watchdog. But when John died Bobby remained his loyal friend sitting on his master's grave and refusing to be anywhere else even though the law prevented the dog from being there. Everyone soon came to know of Bobby's loyalty with some giving him treats once a week but not everyone welcomed the sight of the loyal dog making his masters grave his home.

The story of "Greyfriars Bobby" is in fact a very simple one as it is all about the loyalty and dedication of a dog to his master even after the master died. That is in truth it but it is none the less a charming and touching story of this wee dog who stayed on his masters grave for 14 years until he died himself. But at the same time whilst a sweet storyline it is one which struggles to work as an entire movie.

That is the trouble which befalls this 2005 version of "Greyfriars Bobby" as once the set up is in place and we have Bobby taking residence on his master's grave it then feels like it has too many manufacture events. Now there were those who didn't take to Bobby staying in the graveyard and tried to have him removed but here it just feels too episodic and that makes it feel manufactured. This probably won't be an issue for those who take the wee Bobby to their heart but for some it does make the movie lack flow.

Despite that one issue "Greyfriars Bobby" is still a charming movie which is beautifully shot and features one of the most adorable dogs you will ever come across. In fact whilst there are some well known names who appear in various roles such as James Cosmo, Sean Pertwee and Christopher Lee it is the little dog who is most definitely the star of the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Greyfriars Bobby" is a charming little family movie which will touch many people's hearts. But for me the episodic nature of it causes it to lack flow which in turn lets it down.

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