Harvest Love (2017) Movie Review

Harvest Love (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jen Lilley in Harvest Love (2017)

A Good Pear

Luna Gilson (Jen Lilley - A Dash of Love) is a busy Seattle surgeon who when she isn't working every hour is caring for her son having become a young widow a while back. A series of events, including her son not telling her he was in a play, as she is always busy, leads to Luna deciding to take a break and take her son on a much needed visit to hr parent's farm and pear orchard. But things have changed a lot since she was last home and her folks have employed Will (Ryan Paevey - Unleashing Mr. Darcy) to manage the farm in their absence. Despite not getting off to the best of starts Will and Luna end up spending plenty of time together as he explains the importance of heritage as he is growing a new hybrid pear whilst Luna finds herself falling back in love with the charm of small town life.

The autumn season has arrived and as such the Hallmark Channel is showing their new movies for autumn. And that is great because I love the laid back, wholesome nature of Hallmark Channel movies. But whilst I say they are showing their new movies what it feels more like is the familiar storylines with a new coat of paint. As such "Harvest Love" gives us the famliar story of the busy city woman who returns to the family farm meets the handsome man running the place and then dealing with the news her parents plan to sell the place. The difference here is that rather than being about grapes, fir trees or pumpkins the farm in "Harvest Love" is all about pears.

What that means is that "Harvest Love" is about two things; the look and the easy going charm which when it comes to the charm it has plenty of. As for the looks well Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey make for a photogenic couple whilst shots of the orchard stretching off to the mountains as the sun rises just makes me want to quit what I do and go and live on a farm. Beyond the looks we also get the usual elements from Luna getting to use her medical skills in a town where there is no doctor anymore whilst her son makes some friends in the town whilst growing to like Will.

What this all boils down to is that "Harvest Love" is a routine Hallmark Channel movie which takes one of their familiar storylines and places it in a different location. It means it is pleasant and fun but doesn't really have anything to make it stand out from the crowd.