Haven't We Met Before? (2002) starring Nicollette Sheridan, Page Fletcher, Anthony Lemke, Daniela Amavia, Diego Matamoros, Shaun Austin-Olsen directed by René Bonnière Movie Review

Haven't We Met Before? (2002)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Page Fletcher in Haven't We Met Before? (2002)

Haven't We Been Here Before

Stephen Koenig (Page Fletcher) is a mentally disturbed man who believes he is a reincarnation of a man who 100 years earlier was hung for a murder he didn't commit. It is why he has stalked and attacked waitress Emily Watson (Nicollette Sheridan - Beverly Hills Ninja) who he insists is the reincarnation of the woman who was guilty of the murder 100 years earlier and he wants to get justice for that wrong doing. Detective Jack Cobel (Anthony Lemke - Dead Lines) is involved in the case and in order to help Emily who he has fallen for must find the truth about the murder and who Koenig is.

"Haven't We Met Before?" is another one of those Mary Higgins Clark movies and in fairness it is one with an interesting idea. The whole idea of a crime from 100 years ago affecting lives in the present might not be the most original but it is one with entertaining possibilities. And "Haven't We Met Before?" is entertaining with Page Fletcher delivering a nicely over the top performance as the psychotic Koenig with some wicked wild eyes.

Nicollette Sheridan in Haven't We Met Before? (2002)

But "Haven't We Met Before?" is a made for TV movie and one which sadly suffers some of those problems which often cause TV movies to be mocked. For every nice moment of camera work, such as a close up of Koenig's wild eyes we get some poor editing which makes it go clunky. For every moment of believable and unsettling drama we get some poor dialogue and poor acting to bring it crashing back down to mediocre. And for every moment of suspense there is use of unsubtle music to try and create atmosphere only to do the exact opposite. In a way it makes "Haven't We Met Before?" frustrating as whilst I don't think it could have ever been a great movie the potential to be more than mediocre is clearly apparent.

Now like with many TV movies "Haven't We Met Before?" has a nice looking cast from Nicollette Sheridan and Anthony Lemke down to Daniela Amavia as a psychiatrist but their characters are nothing special and lack believable depth. The only stand out performance really comes from Page Fletcher who brings some edge to the character of Koenig which makes him entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Haven't We Met Before?" sadly ends up just another mediocre made for TV movie but one which had the potential to be a lot more than just mediocre. Thankfully the performance from Page Fletcher makes up for some of the movies many short comings.