Heart Felt (2016) (aka: Love in the Vineyard) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Matthew MacCaull, Christopher Russell, Edwin Perez, Lydia Campbell, Thomas Calabro, Justyn Shippelt, Glynis Davies, Lindsay Maxwell Movie Review

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Heart Felt (2016) (aka: Love in the Vineyard)

Felt it All Before

Life was going well for Molly (Emmanuelle Vaugier - Love in Paradise) she had just been offered an amazing job 800 miles away and her boyfriend, Jackson (Matthew MacCaull - A Sister's Nightmare), had said he would relocate with her. That is until Jackson's ex shows up out of the blue and claims that a few months after they broke up they slept together again and he is the father of her chid. It leads to Molly leaving Jackson and leaving the area to start a new job as a realtor. A year later and having started dating a new boyfriend Molly finds herself trying to buy the Broken Heart Vineyard for a wealthy businessman which, much to her surprise, brings her back in touch with Jackson.

It's a TV romantic comedy/drama what else do you expect. I thought I would start with that because "Heart Felt" is the sort of made for TV movie which will work for those it was intended for but will be cheesy for those who watch it with high expectations. As such "Heart Felt", which I should mention is also known as "Love in the Vineyard", pretty much writes itself when Molly having started a new life not only finds herself a fan of a soulful blogger but also looking to broker the purchase of a vineyard it is all incredibly obvious. As such when they meet and Jackson learns Molly is dating he tries to make Molly jealous by having a fake girlfriend whilst also dealing with a Mexican friend trying to manage his love life. Of course Molly doesn't know that Jackson actually owns the vineyard but "Heart Felt" is a movie filled with ideas, scenes and dialogues which you will have probably seen used in other movies.

But as I have already mentioned, "Heart Felt" will work for the audience that this movie was made for. What I mean is that those who enjoy the easy to watch, predictable nature of made for TV romances will find "Heart Felt" a pleasant distraction with Emmanuelle Vaugier, Matthew MacCaull and Christopher Russell making up an appealing cast whilst there are some nice scenic shots.

What this all boils down to is that "Heart Felt" is standard stuff, nothing more and nothing less which means it will entertain its intended audience but more likely will appear weak and cheesy to anyone who watches it out of naive curiosity.