Hearts of Spring (2016) Michael Shanks, Lisa Whelchel, Clancy Cauble, Miranda Frigon, Anna Galvin, Ross Linton, Carrie Genzel, Daniel Martin, Andy Thompson, Christopher Gauthier Movie Review

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Lisa Whelchel and Michael Shanks in Hearts of Spring (2016)

You've Got a Comment

Carly Ashby (Lisa Whelchel - For Better or for Worse) is not only a florist but also a single mum who is getting ready to adjust to an empty nest when her daughter heads off to college and to do so she has thrown herself into her popular parenting blog. When she reads a comment which disagrees with her parenting advice from someone calling himself Jugglingdad she finds herself in an online back and forth argument. Meanwhile she also finds herself being courted by Dr. Andy Sommers (Michael Shanks - The Bouquet), a handsome doctor and single father, who spends much of his time fending of the advances of an amorous single mum who shows up at his practice. The trouble is that whilst their relationship progresses Carly discovers Andy is Jugglingdad and it tosses a spanner in the works.

A touch of Doris Day & Rock Hudson combined with a splash of Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan with just a dash of Nora Ephron and what you have is the Hallmark romantic comedy "Hearts of Spring". To break that down in to direct movie references; we have a twist on "You've Got Mail" as we have online rivals who unknowingly are becoming romantic in the real world. But on top of that we have the comedy and some styling taken from "Pillow Talk" with the split screens as Carly and Andy talk online late in to the night. Thing is that there isn't really much more to say about "Hearts of Spring" than that as even those who don't watch Hallmark movies can guess how this will end.

What is interesting about "Hearts of Spring" is that with both Carly and Andy having grown up children heading off to college we are talking characters in their 40s and that adds a tiny bit of a more mature feel to things with less of the usual cutesy stuff going on. It doesn't change the overall feel of "Hearts of Spring" as it is a stereotypical Hallmark movie but in a way it works for those who have grown up watching Hallmark movies and now need more than just cute.

What this all boils down to is that "Hearts of Spring" is unsurprisingly nothing new and is ultimately a stereotypical Hallmark movie. But this has just a touch of a more grown up feel to things which in truth works because some times the usual cutesy stuff can get too cheesy.