Her Costly Affair (1996) Bonnie Bedelia, Brian Austin Green, Joe Spano, Gina Philips Movie Review

Her Costly Affair (1996)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Brian Austin Green in Her Costly Affair (1996)

Teacher Beware

Diane Weston's (Bonnie Bedelia - Homecoming) marriage has started to stagnate, especially as her husband, Carl (Joe Spano - Apollo 13), often takes the side of their temperamental teenage daughter. On top of that a planned romantic getaway ends up falling through leaving her frustrated and annoyed. It is why she finds herself falling for the dangerous charm of Jeff (Brian Austin Green - The Wild Girl), a transfer into her class, who seems to keep on showing up and flirting with her. But when Diane tries to bring a stop to things, realising her stupidity to get involved with a studen, Jeff turns obsessive and threatening.

There are times when you get a sense that all those involved in a movie were just going through the motions and to be honest as a movie reviewer there are times when it is hard not to just go through the motions myself. That is most certainly the case when it comes to the made for TV movie "Her Costly Affair" as once again we have a teacher who, have become dissatisfied with her personal life, finds herself getting close and involved with a student only to then suffer the consequences of him turning out to being an obsessive psycho with a seriously dangerous side.

Now in fairness "Her Costly Affair" does attempt to build the story especially when it comes to Diane's dissatisfaction when it comes to her marriage, whilst it also makes it clear that Carl is dangerous and unsettled right from the word go. But when it comes down to the basics "Her Costly Affair" is only ever routine and all the toying with the audience during the build up never amounts to anything more than the usual.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Costly Affair" is just a typical 90s made for TV thriller about an affair with a kid with an obsessive psycho side. In truth a lot of the 90s styling, especially the soundtrack which is now cheesy.