Her Dark Past (2016) Kevin Ryan, JR Bourne, Kristina Klebe, Anna Lise Phillips, Rekha Sharma, Adam Fergus, Tamara Braun Movie Review

Her Dark Past (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Anna Lise Phillips in Her Dark Past (2016)

The Woman with a Back Tattoo

Alice (Anna Lise Phillips) was found in the park with a gun shot wound to the head, which is why she has spent 3 months in a coma. When she eventually awakes her husband, Peter (JR Bourne - A Husband's Confession), is sitting by her hospital bed. The trouble is that she doesn't know him, or who she is, or who her family are let alone what happened to her as she is suffering from amnesia. But she returns with Peter to their home where with his help starts to remember some things, learns who she was, and that they are happily married. That is until she meets Darren (Kevin Ryan) who claims they were in love and she was planning on leaving Peter because he has anger issues. With a tattoo on her back, a ring and a document Alice sets out to learn the truth as to who she was but also what happened to her.

Yes "Her Dark Past" is another TV movie featuring a woman with amnesia who after returning home with the man who says he is her husband begins to have doubts and so starts trying to uncover the truth, especially as to how she ended up being shot and left for dead. As such "Her Dark Past" has that familiarity, which comes with a lot of TV movies, those often labelled as Lifetime movies, as we follow Alice trying to make sense of her confusing life and inevitably ending up in danger as she uncovers things from her past. In some aspects that familiarity makes this an "easy viewing" movie but at the same time it works against it as there is little to make it stand out from the crowd.

Part of the reason why "Her Dark Past" fails to stand apart from other TV movies is that the characters are simply generic and lacking in any individuality. It means that you don't care about the characters and as such don't care whether or not Alice discovers the truth about her past and what happened to her. On the subject of which, I did say that "Her Dark Past" is "easy viewing" but it is a movie which attempts to confuse and confound with subplots, secrets and revelations except because the characters struggle to gain your attention you end up not caring about any of them, even those which are far fetched.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Her Dark Past" is a watchable amnesia based thriller it doesn't stand out from the crowd and as such ends up pretty forgettable.