Her Evil Twin (2014) (aka: The Good Sister) Sonya Walger, Ben Bass, Bobbie Phillips, Ashleigh Harrington Movie Review

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Sonya Walger in Her Evil Twin (2014) (aka: The Good Sister)

A Twin Trap

Despite the fact that her husband, Jack (Ben Bass - Love's Complicated), cheated on her and still employs the woman he slept with, Kate (Sonya Walger) has stuck by him, although it has lead to frequent therapy sessions and regular medication to deal with depression. Then out of the blue Kate receives news that she has a twin and that as part of some sort of experiment they were separated at birth to see whether in later life there were parallels between their lives. It leads to Jack and Kate meeting Linda (Sonya Walger) who is a much happier and more attractive version of Kate. But it leads to issues as Jack falls for Linda and they start a passionate affair, one which could have deadly consequences.

"Her Evil Twin", aka "The Good Sister", is not a sequel but in a way it owes a debt to every single Lifetime movie you have ever watched. And the simple reason is that the main storyline relies on something so obvious that you end up questioning whether it is that obvious. Of course I am talking about whether Kate has really got a twin who has surfaced out of the woodwork or whether it is her setting her husband up in a twin trap sort of way, rushing around so one minute she is home and the depressed Kate but the next is in a motel room as the vibrant Linda. And of course we question it because we never see Kate and Linda together although come the end of "Her Evil Twin" you do find yourself doubting even when you feel sure you know what is going on.

Ben Bass in Her Evil Twin (2014) (aka: The Good Sister)

Now on the subject of doubt "Her Evil Twin" has a subplot surrounding Jack's assistant who he had an affair with and who now stalks him. Well something happens to her and we are left to wonder whether it was Jack or Kate who was behind it. But trust me when I say this subplot feels like an after thought tossed in to the movie just to pad out what is a slim central premise.

But whilst "Her Evil Twin" has some flaws it is strangely watchable down to it seeming so obvious that you question whether it will be that obvious. But it is also watchable because of Sonya Walger who has fun with playing very different twins whilst Ben Bass delivers nice guy but also slime ball in a way which makes you feel conflicted. In fact that is one thing which "Her Evil Twin" achieves because of how it ends leaves you a little conflicted.

What this all boils down to is that "Her Evil Twin" is one of the new breed of made for TV thrillers which seems to play on the audience having watched other similar movies and making them question whether or not the obvious set up will stay as obvious as it seems.