Heritage Falls (2016) David Keith, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, Keean Johnson, Nancy Stafford Movie Review

Heritage Falls (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

David Keith in Heritage Falls (2016)

The Fitzpatrick Men

After many years as a successful high school basketball coach, Charlie Fitzpatrick (David Keith - Christian Mingle) is retiring and whilst many of his former players have shown up to thank the man who they still see as a father, his own son, Evan (Coby Ryan McLaughlin - Married by Christmas), is no where to be seen due to their strained relationship. With the cajoling of his wife Charlie talks Evan in to going with him on a weekend retreat with Evan's son, Markie (Keean Johnson), joining them having dropped the bombshell that he's dropped out of college to be a touring musician. But the retreat ends up being the place that Charlie use to take the team to train them on a military-style obstacle course and whilst Charlie loves it, Evan finds it a nightmare and Markie just goes with the flow as long as he can play his guitar. But maybe the events of the weekend will bring the Fitzpatrick men closer together.

"Heritage Falls" is one of those movies which is kind of obvious but no less watchable or entertaining for being such. By that I mean it is clear that whilst Evan had a troubled relationship with Charlie when growing up he can't see that the same thing is happening between him and his own son. As such with "Heritage Falls" having a light-hearted, family friendly tone you can guess that by the end of the movie the men of the Fitzpatrick family will have done some bonding and learned some important lessons along the way with Evan realising he is not that different to his father. Evan will also learn why his father retired, a question bugging him but is too stubborn to ask.

Coby Ryan McLaughlin in Heritage Falls (2016)

Of course there is more to "Heritage Falls" than just this and with the men going camping and being three very different people there is sure to be some comedy and chaos. As such there is humour, bickering and some drama which plays a big part in the men bonding and getting past their own stubbornness. But again it is a case that whilst it is all pretty familiar it is still entirely watchable and enjoyable as there is some thing simply charming about the innocent tone which appeals to me.

I will be honest; one of the most memorable parts of "Heritage Falls" is David Keith as he seems to be turning in to Brian Dennehy. I don't just mean in looks but also in the style of characters he plays and that is not a bad thing as he plays the tough, older father figure quite brilliantly. In fairness both Coby Ryan McLaughlin and Keean Johnson play their parts well but it is David Keith who makes the movie.

What this all boils down to is that "Heritage Falls" is some modern family entertainment which doesn't really deliver anything new but does a nice job of delivering the familiar themes and situations.