Hijack (1999) (aka: The Last Siege) Jeff Fahey, Ernie Hudson, Frank McRae, Beth Toussaint Movie Review

Hijack (1999)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Jeff Fahey in Hijack (1999) (aka: The Last Siege)

Fahey's Under Siege too

ATF agent Eddie Lyman (Jeff Fahey) finds himself suspended when he goes over the top in trying to capture terrorist David Anderson (Brent Huff) and it is worse with his obsession eating away at him like a cancer being stuck at home with girlfriend Valerie Miller (Beth Toussaint) who is the press secretary to Senator Douglas Wilson (Ernie Hudson). When Valerie has to go on a train trip with the Senator, Eddie decides to surprise her by taking up her offer of going with them as a guest amongst those in the press carriage. But Eddie's arrival on the train is not the only surprise as it turns out Anderson and his terrorists are on board, meaning Lyman ends up being a man under siege on a train.

Yes I did use the words, under siege on a train because whether you call it "Hijack" or "The Last Siege" all this action movie is is a rip-off of "Under Siege 2" and so in turn is a "Die Hard" rip-off as well. As such "Hijack" almost doesn't need a review because it is just a variation on so many other movies with Jeff Fahey in the role of the hero, in this case he plays him not only as obsessed but a complete dumb ass as he doesn't even realise he is on a train with the terrorists he has been after and lead to his suspension. As to what happens well the movie mentions frequently that the senator served in Vietnam so you can guess that Lyman won't be the only action hero when it comes to taking down the terrorists.

But there is something quite strange about "Hijack" and it feels like someone decided to try and use this movie to make a point over the gun laws in America. I say this because for around the first half when ever we are in a scene featuring Ernie Hudson as the senator all we get is discussion over his proposed speech on the gun laws in America. This leads to what I am sure the writers thought was a clever scene where the Senator asks the train driver his opinion on the gun laws unaware that the guy is actually one a terrorist who of course is for the right to own a gun.

What this all boils down to is that "Hijack" is just another "Die Hard" style movie although this is closer to "Under Siege 2" thanks to the action being set on a train. Whilst "Hijack" is inferior it is sort of enjoyable watched because you know there will be a lot of cheese throughout the movie from really bad action to even worse dialogue which of course makes you groan.