Hit & Run (2015) (aka: Accidental Obsession) Josie Davis, Sebastian Spence, Garry Chalk, Caroline Cave, Michelle Martin, Marc Menard Movie Review

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Josie Davis in Hit & Run (2015) (aka: Accidental Obsession)

A Budgie Burner

Life is going well for lawyer Heather Williams (Josie Davis - Seduced by Lies); she has just won a high profile case, her boss Saul Rubens (Garry Chalk) has offered her a partnership and handsome private investigator, Jack Riley (Marc Menard - Crisis Point), having helped her on the case has now asked her out. The only issue is Ray (Sebastian Spence - Stolen from the Womb), her ex, who is determined to work his way back in to Heather's life even if she says no. Well there is another issue as Heather has driven in to the back of Vanessa (Caroline Cave), but she is fine and they become good friends with Heather trying to organize some work for her. That is until Vanessa seems to be everywhere, even showing up on Heather's date with Jack, whilst also demonstrating a psychotic side when it comes to Ray. And as Heather becomes suspicious Vanessa seems to become increasingly deranged, jealous and possessive.

"Hit & Run" is what I call a pointless movie as before we get the scene of Heather exiting court victorious we witness a scene as the opening credits run featuring a woman, a gun, a murder and a boot of a car, the woman as we soon find out is Vanessa and so right from the word go we know that there is something not right going on with her. Anyway we watch as she cosies up to Heather, becoming her friend but we also see her darker side; sneaking into Heather's house whilst she is out, showing up on dates and much more with her becoming increasing deranged as both Heather and Jack begin to grow suspicious, why it takes them so long to get suspicious is beyond me.

Caroline Cave in Hit & Run (2015) (aka: Accidental Obsession)

Now in some movies this would build to a series of deranged stalkerish scenes but sadly it doesn't in "Hit & Run" and before we know we have got to the less than surprising final confrontation. You knew from the minute Vanessa shows her psycho side in private that this confrontation was coming and with the obviousness of everything which goes on in the movie the expectations are low as to how this will play out. In fairness the one scene in "Hit & Run" which has any impact comes at the end and revolves around Heather's pet budgies.

What this means is that "Hit & Run" becomes a movie which relies on the cast and in particular the female cast. Now remember the movie has not been exactly exhilarating and so when I say that Josie Davis, whilst delivering a typical made for TV performance of a made for TV character, seems to have been cast because of her piercing eyes it kind of makes sense. The eyes are an important of Caroline Cave's performance as well, as is her sinister smile but both Cave and Davis really have been dealt a bum hand with characters who have no depth at all. And the male actors; Sebastian Spence and Marc Menard are dealt even worse characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Hit & Run" is a pointless movie as right from the word go it is obvious where it is going and so fails to create the mystery it needs whilst also failing to create any electricity to make it attention grabbing when it comes to the characters. Basically it will be one of those movies you start to watch and probably end up doing something else when it is on as it doesn't demand your attention.